Learn 2 Wake Thief Foil Drive Package

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  • Learn 2 Wake Thief Foil Drive Package
  • Learn 2 Wake Thief Foil Drive Package
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Learn 2 Wake Thief Package

What's Included:

  • KT Wing Drifter 50L Foil Board
  • Axis Wake Thief Edition Foil (1150/460/Short Fuselage)
  • Foil Drive (Max Power Battery, Integrated 70cm mast)
  • **Optional Axis 19mm (75cm) aluminum mast and doodad**

What MAC Has to Say About This Package:

This setup is for beginners that want to efoil, as well as learn to surf wakes, surf waves, dock start. and pump. If you’re learning to foil, this setup has everything you need. The Foil Drive Gen 2 will shorten your learning curve by learning to efoil first, then allowing you to progress to small wake surfing or small wave foil surfing. The motor / pod is close to the fuselage (far away from the board), so it stays beneath the water all the time, allowing you to surf waves and wakes unpowered or partially powered. The buoyant KT Drifter 50 is easy to pop up with the Foil Drive. We are confident that this setup is easy to learn on, allowing new and motivated riders to experience the feeling of flight in less than an hour on the water. We love the biggest foil drive battery because it enables the longest flight times. And we love the integrated mast, allowing a tapeless solution that is more seamless and has lower drag.

*Be sure to add a 19mm (75cm) aluminum mast and doodad. This will give you everything you need to enjoy dock starting, pumping and surfing without the foil drive.

KT Wing Drifter 50L

Volume (L) Length (FT) Width (IN) Thickness (IN) Tail Fin Box / Fins
50 5'0 21 1/2 4 1/8 Round Futures 10.75'' Fin Boxes

Keith Teboul: "High volume, compact, all around awesome flying. The Wing Drifter features a fuller outline for an easier paddle and increased stability when in the air."

KT Surfing signature quad concave bottom with beloved rails for the smoothest touchdown and fastest release when foiling.

Rail shape/tuck for quick paddling and fast release to take flight.

The bigger sizes of the Wing Drifter are uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling and Sup-foiling. Its key characteristic also being a super compact build paired with a high volume and wide shape.

New for the 2022/23 model is a modified deck shape for increased comfort when winging.

Constant volume flow provides enough float and stability to get going with a wing or paddle, yet doesn't feel bulky or cumbersome in flight when wanting to turn or pump.

Additional insert options for wing.

Ultra Carbon Monocoque Construction.
Futures 10.75" Fin Boxes, Comes without foil.

AXIS Wake Thief Edition


  • Axis PNG 1150 Front Wing
  • Axis 460 V2 Pump Rear Wing
  • Axis Short Red Fuselage 680mm

Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Axis Integrated 70cm Mast

What's Included:

  • Foil Drive Assist MAX
  • MAX Power Battery
  • AXIS Foils Integrated Mast
  • Optional Doodad and Fuselage Bolts

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is the flagship model, for the ultimate in hybrid electric assist foiling. As the name suggests, the Assist MAX offers the maximum thrust, run time and versatility!

The kit includes everything you need to turn your existing foil and board into an electric assisted foiling machine.

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is perfectly suited to those looking for extra thrust for heavier riders or smaller boards and foils, longer ride times and ultimate flexibility of how you choose to foil. Surf, Wing, Downwind, Wake and Flatwater, the Assist MAX does it all!

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