Ben Jamieson's Foil Drive Prone Hybrid Surf or Downwind Package

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Foil Drive Prone Hybrid Surf or Downwind Package

What's Included:

  • Appletree Appleslice V2 4'6 (35L)
  • Foil Drive Assist MAX with Power Battery
  • 2 Blade Propeller
  • Code Foils 85cm Mast
  • Code Foils 850S Front Wing

Preferred conditions: Smaller surf up to head high, down winding

Appletree Appleslice V2

Volume (L) Length (FT) Width (IN) Thickness (IN) Weight
35L 4'6 19.7 2.61 3.53 KG


  • Inserts (for details, see product picture)
  • Full black EVA deck pad
  • Futures US boxes
  • Grabhandle
  • A matte finish, in clear carbon

Code Foils S-Series Front Wing

850S Specs:

  • Wingspan: 900mm
  • Area: 850cm2
  • Aspect Ratio: 9.5

The 850s is designed to be an all round wing. This wing sits squarely in the middle of the range. It strikes a balance between early lift and dynamic surfability. For a mid-sized foil this wing offers superior glide and pump. Pair this with our new tails and fuselages to paint new lines in the water.

Code Foils High Modulus Mast

For the mast design we really wanted to prioritize stiffness and predictability. We did this through extending blends and making a deep mast to fuse connection eliminating any unwanted movement. Combined with a very efficient foil section this mast gives maximum glide and pumps with no loss of energy from unwanted wobbles.

  • All our Masts are constructed with high modulus carbon resulting in a stiff strong mast with no compromise.
  • Extended blend to base plate designed to give extra stiffness and a rock solid feeling under your feet giving maximum feedback to each pump and turn.
  • Tapered towards the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency

Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX

What's Included:

  • Foil Drive Assist MAX
  • MAX Power Battery

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is the flagship model, for the ultimate in hybrid electric assist foiling. As the name suggests, the Assist MAX offers the maximum thrust, run time and versatility!

The kit includes everything you need to turn your existing foil and board into an electric assisted foiling machine.

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is perfectly suited to those looking for extra thrust for heavier riders or smaller boards and foils, longer ride times and ultimate flexibility of how you choose to foil. Surf, Wing, Downwind, Wake and Flatwater, the Assist MAX does it all!

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