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Kite Harnesses

Kiteboarding harnesses. They're the silent partner in the basic trio of items you must have to kite board.

So how do you pick the right one? It depends mainly on your kiteboarding style. Want to throw down? A waist harness will give you the best range of motion, though it can be a little hard on the ribs. Do your sessions tend to be more laid back, with lots of cruising and the occasional jump or trick? Seat harnesses offer the best support and comfort, which adds up to less fatigue and longer sessions. Or is it all about fashion? Ditch the diaper and back brace and pick up a pair of boardshorts with an integrated, nearly invisible harness.

From there, the rest of the decision is in the details. There are budget-friendly models which do a great job of getting you out on the water and riding, and there are feature-rich models with extra comfort, support, and convenience for those who live on their board. Decide what matters to you and how often you'll be able to score a session. If you still can't choose, remember that we're kiteboarders too and we're happy to help you sort it all out. Call, chat, email, or stop in for a personal recommendation.