Takuma Kujira 1210 Foil

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Takuma Kujira 1210 Foil

Kujira 1210 Surf Foil

Sizes: 75cm Aluminum, 85cm Aluminum, 75cm Full Carbon

What Takuma has to say about the Kujira 1210

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil, inspired by humpback whales. The name Kujira is Japanese for whale. There is an element of biomimicry in the innovation and engineering process of the Kujira foil, as it is fully inspired by humpback whales.

The design: The Kujira foil was designed by Laurent Borgna, well known for having already shaken things up in the foiling world with his work on the LOL Profoils range, and Cyril Coste, the founder of Takuma.

The revolutionary tubercle design is inspired by the pectoral fin of humpback whales who are known for their agility, power and efficiency. Takuma wanted to implement this anomaly into the Kujira foil, and managed to do it by reproducing and adding whalelike bumps to the design. After a numerous prototypes, modifications and adjustments to the shape and profile of the bumps, computer simulations, and hours of testing in all conditions, there was a clear, distinct and enormous improvement in terms of lift, glide, stability and comfort in the new foils. This remarkable extra lift allows the rider to use a smaller wing with better performance creating exceptionally smooth flight and glide even at low speed. The signature LOL upturned winglets are also found on the Kujira. Retaining the winglets on our hydrofoils give them much more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a feeling of extra comfort while foiling.

SUP Foiling on Takuma Kujira 1210

All riders can immediately feel the benefits of the Kujira foil, even non professional foilers. The Kujira is an extremely well rounded foil for surf and wing foiling, but is also perfectly adapted for more advanced level open ocean downwind foiling.

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil 1210, inspired by humpback whales. The Kujira 1210 front wing is designed for riders looking for an all around model with the widest variety of uses.

This hydrofoil is the ultimate, most versatile, high performing maneuverable front wing on the market.

This model is exceptional in all conditions providing fantastic pumping ability, incredible glide and smooth carving.

This foil gives riders at all levels unmatched control and stability, you’ll be double dipping plenty of waves, carving smoothly on every bump and accomplishing astonishing glide on every ride.


  • New tubercle design inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin.
  • Takuma's LOL designed upturned winglets gives our foils more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a more secure balanced feeling while foiling.
  • Additional width and chord creates extreme glide with improved agility and acceleration while retaining excellent turning and carving in all conditions.
  • Effortless low and high speed control.
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Smooth and stable on take off
  • Extraordinarily reactive
  • Remarkably stable at a low speed

Takuma Kujira 1210 Data


Front Wing

  • Wing Span: 935 mm
  • Chord: 162 mm
  • Project area: 1210 cm2

Back Wing

  • Wing Span: 390 mm
  • Chord: 68 mm
  • Project area: 220 cm2
  • Project area : 220 cm2

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2 Reviews

  • 4
    Fantastic front wing everything else is trash

    Posted by Nick on 31st Aug 2021

    The wings are great really lively and playful. Feels like less wing than 1210 and more wing than 1210 at the same time in the best way possible. The rest of the setup is trash, the aluminum fit is terrible and the mast is a chinesium noodle. Get the carbon or don’t get it at all

  • 5
    Nice wing

    Posted by Daniel Nicholson on 18th Mar 2021

    Well, pulling it out of the carrying case, I was not really that impressed. But once on the water—WOW! I’ve been kite foiling for several years and wing foiling for about seven months. This foil works great in bad water. Absent pointing it straight up, it won’t cavitate, not even with six inches of the wing sticking out on a turn. The gliding and pumping are amazing. I now own the 1440, 1210, and 980. Even the 980 pumps surprisingly well. It’s also fun with a kite, and jumps pretty well, for a big wing. For typical lake winging, the 1210 is my favorite on my 4’8” 55L Fanatic board. Of course, the 1440 gets up sooner and glides longer in the lighter winds. The top end on all of these wings is great. They never feel out of control or do any weird pitching when riding overpowered. Of course, given the wingspan and the fuselage length, they aren’t snappy turners, but they deliver when driving a hard carve. While the bumps appear like some kind of sales gimmick, they must do something because this foil is amazing.

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