Ocean Rodeo Go Joe

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Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe 

Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe in action

The Ocean Rodeo Go Joe is the ultimate "leash free" kiteboard retrival accessory. Designed for new riders, and those crotchedly ones who don't like to body drag back to their board, the Go Joe harnesses natural buoyancy and the wind to flip your kiteboard and have it float downwind towards your position. No more need for leashes and hospital visits.

As the IKO notes, "The high accident rate caused by board leashes prompted the majority of kite schools to ban using board leashes long ago. However, some people may still think that they can get away with using one. But, our hard-won experience has taught us that there is no safe way to use a board leash and there are no safe types of board leashes either. Simply, don’t use one. Instead, learn how to kite better so you won't need one. If you are a beginner try using a “Go-jo” device. They look a bit funny but they really work great. If you are still tempted to use a board leash after reading this then just Google “kite board leash injuries” and see what comes up."

You know what they say - once you Go Joe, you never go back. 



Simply screw the Go-Joe into the grab handle inserts found on any board. Pump up the Go Joe tube to optimal buoyancy levels, and you are ready to ride! Deflate the Go Joe for easy storage and transport.

One size fits all kiteboards.  


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