Unboxing the 2024 Cabrinha Mantis Wing | NEW Rigid LE Surf Handle

Unboxing the 2024 Cabrinha Mantis Wing | NEW Rigid LE Surf Handle

Jeff and Tucker have just unboxed the new 2024 Cabrinha Mantis. The Mantis has consistently received high marks from the team, and they're excited to see what this year's model brings to the table. What's new for 2024, and what are their first impressions?

How Does It Look?

First off, the color scheme catches the guys' eyes. The yellow, white, and dark blue bands on the one they received look sharp, and as University of Michigan fans, they're in love. The Cabrinha name is prominently displayed in a band down the center of the white section and looks great. It's also available in blue and white and red, white, and blue.

Improved Surf Handle

Aesthetics aside, Jeff spots the hard surf handle right away- an industry first. Tucker notes its similarities to the other handles. It's got rubber bumpers and angled stanchions, which should keep it from potentially damaging your board, and it provides a very positive leverage over the wing.

Main Handle Updates

The main handles seem as well-placed and ergonomic as ever, with a comfortable diameter for gripping. They're angled, with one stanchion being longer than the other on each handle. After initially assembling the rear handle backwards, Jeff points out that the taller side should be at the bottom, or rear, of the wing. In the past, optional spacers were provided and Jeff did use them, but he felt that with the built-in angles, they're no longer required. The longer stanchion on the front handle provides a great place for your pistol grip when flagging out.


Tucker is impressed with this year's window placement. Running down the center with a slightly larger area at the front, it has a good area and is perfectly placed for keeping an eye on your surroundings, yet doesn't take up a lot of real estate. Tucker is always concerned with the window adding weight and becoming a weak spot that can bag out faster than the rest of the sail down the line, but he doesn't feel that it'll be an issue with this window.

Trailing Edge

The center strut now has a bend toward the back of the wing to seal up an area that previously stood off from the strut. This year the sail meets the center strut neatly and has a load panel and extra stitching in the area to distribute the load and reduce flutter throughout the trailing edge without any battens. Cabrinha's known for making a stable, surfy wing, and this and the new hard flagging handle should keep that reputation safe.


The profile is quite flat, which should make the wing balanced and fast, just as the Mantis has been known for in years past. It's been a popular wing, and the subtle changes should make this great wing even better, especially with the added control the hard surf handle provides. Jeff and Tucker can't wait to get out and test it for a more in-depth review, but they like what they see so far and think that if you were a fan of last year's model, you'll love the 2024 as well.

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Mr. Jeff
19th Feb 2024 Jeff Hamilton & Tucker Vantol

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