Top 5 Foil Drive Accessories to Help Get Your Swerve On

Top 5 Foil Drive Accessories to Help Get Your Swerve On

While a Foil Drive complete unit is going to give you everything you need to get started and ride, adding some accessories can give you more versatility, performance, and comfort.  G...G...G...Get Kitted. So Kitted! These are some of our favorites.

Paddle Mount

The Paddle Mount is without question our number one accessory at the shop. This handy mounting saddle will allow you to attach your remote to your paddle, wing handle, or GoPro pole for easy control.  Holding a remote while trying to hold another object is just pain difficult by itself but will be detrimental to your trigger control.

Fast Charger

Cheaper than a spare battery and gets you back on the water fast. Chug some water, smash some munchies, and get back out there with a fresh battery for continued fun.  If you aren't as frugal as us, you can also just buy one or more spare batteries to keep the fun going non-stop, just don't forget to hydrate along the way.

Spare Stator

A spare stator with cord is going to be the most affordable way to change your cable length for different styles of riding or mast lengths.  Well, maybe not the most affordable way—you can coil a long cord and tape it to the mast. However, part of the magic of the Gen2 is its sleek design, so that method isn't for everyone.

We find that a 25cm and 60cm cord is a nice way to run the whole gamut. You can adjust slightly by changing how much the cord is slack across the back of the mast and unit. Just remember, you can't make a cord shorter so plan accordingly.

3-Blade Prop Hub

As heavy, northern folk who frequently wear thick wetsuits, it can be nice to have more thrust. Especially on smaller boards and foils. The Three Blade Propellor Bub setup will do just that while keeping the low-drag folding design intact.

You can go the frugal route and change your existing props over to the "upgrade kit" with 1 included blade or you can do a quick change and go for the "pre-installed 3 prop kit" with all 3 blades ready to go.

Recommended Boards

Lastly, you'll want an appropriate board for your riding style and skill level. You'll find some of our favorites in the "suggested boards" category. As a general rule, you want a board that is longer and narrower than average for more stability, thrust leverage, and efficiency. The narrower width also helps negate some of the lost mast clearance for harder turns.

12th Feb 2024 Tucker Vantol

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