The "Walmart Wing" On-Water Test, Here's What Happened - Pt 2

The "Walmart Wing" On-Water Test, Here's What Happened - Pt 2

Tucker and Jeff Buy a Wing On Walmart Marketplace - Part 2 

All right, here we are at the beach. This is Jeff at MACkite. It's not the nicest day in the world as it's raining, but it's January 17th, if you can believe that. So we'll take it here in Michigan. We've got a little breeze. It's a little light, but I'm going to try out the Walmart wing. This is Part 2. 

Surprisingly, it looks like the wing does have a little coating on it because the rain is beading up on it. It's blowing maybe 18 to 20, but the rain has picked up. I'm going to give it a try anyways, so I'm optimistic. We'll see here... 

All right, here's the verdict with the Seafard Walmart wing: it's crap. I don't know what other word to use to better describe it. I went out and was barely able to get up on foil and stay on foil. I gave it my best shot. It is kind of chilly out--it's the middle of January here in Michigan--but I came back in and got the 4.5 Duotone Unit and instantly popped up and rode for the last hour with no issues. Granted, it's a half meter bigger, but that Seafard just felt sloppy. It didn't have much pull or lift or anything. It was kind of like holding on to a plastic bag. 

I guess you get what you pay for. It's not a good wing, and it's very hard to deflate. So there you have it: it's not worth the money. It's definitely worth spending a little bit more and getting a name brand like Duotone, Cabrinha, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, North... I know I forgot a few, but I'm a little cold and tired. But don't get the Walmart wing. It's not worth it. Take care; this has been Jeff at MACkite.

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24th Jan 2023 Jeff Hamilton

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