Slingshot Slingwing NXT V1 Wing Review | The Every Rider's Aluula Wing

Slingshot Slingwing NXT V1 Wing Review | The Every Rider's Aluula Wing

In this episode of Wing Wednesdays, Tucker has an Aluula wing from Slingshot, the Slingwing NXT. This is the first version of this wing, so did Slingshot get it right? Is it worth the premium for the advantages we expect from the Aluula upgrade?

We've already done a live Q & A on the NXT, and you can check that out here. We also went over the details of the wing, but as a quick review, here are the main features of the wing.

NXT Features


The surf handle is a stiff, lightweight, rubberized material that won't soak up water. It does a great job of giving you control in the surf. Right below that is the leash attachment, and a leash and cuff are included with the wing.

The hard handles, new for 2024, are removeable, which is nice for travel packing or if you need to replace one for some reason. The front one has an angled grip, and both are ergonomically shaped: not round, but with a sort of triangle shape that's easy to fingertip. They give nice control over the wing and good leverage when you're doing freestyle tricks.

Harness Line

A harness line isn't included, but it feels right at home mounted between the two handles. In fact, the NXT is a lot better with a harness line if you're an experienced rider going fast and taking advantage of what this wing has to offer. The wing is going to be a lot in your hands with all the power it builds, and a harness line can help keep you fresh for those maneuvers.


The frame is Aluula, as you can tell from the gold material. It's super light and stiff and can be pumped to high pressures. The only downside is its price. The back of the main strut tapers to reduce flutter. The trailing edge of the canopy also has some soft battens to keep it from chattering at high speeds and losing efficiency.


There are two small but sufficiently-sized windows. They're well-placed to be useful at a number of angles, which can be helpful when you're riding in a crowded area. They're placed well forward, so you won't feel them like you would if they were further back.


The leading edge and strut have independent inflation. The leading edge pumps to 8 and the strut to 10 on the 5m size. The valve isn't the traditional Slingshot screw-in Boston valve; it's a high pressure valve like you'd find on inflatable paddleboards. F-One, Naish, and a number of other brands are using this valve as well. It's a bit sleeker and doesn't protrude as much, so there's not much chance it'll snag your leash, seaweed, or whatever else rubs against it. It's faster to inflate and has a plunger to deflate quickly as well.

Tucker's Review

Tucker's had a chance to get several sessions on the NXT wing. Some were in great conditions, and some not-so-great, so that's given him a nice, comprehensive feel for how the wing flies.

Who's It For? You!

Tucker expected a great wing for Slingshot's entry into the Aluula market, but was pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike so many of the top-tier material wings, it wasn't just for pro-level riders. You don't have to be an advanced rider to enjoy the added benefits of the NXT. In fact, he's calling it the "every rider's Aluula wing".

While high level riders and racers are certainly going to appreciate what this wing offers, it's got a more accessible performance than many other Aluula models. Slingshot did a wonderful job of making this wing fun and easy to ride. You'll gain a lot of confidence on this wing; it's stable, the handles are well-placed, the balance is spot-on, it has an intuitive feel, and it has a wide sweet spot for the power band.

The NXT isn't as grunty as wings like the Slingwing V4, where it wants to lift you off your feet if you're riding powered. It's much more comfortable, with forward traction. While it's got respectable low-end, it prefers to be ridden with adequate power, so make sure you've got appropriate light wind gear if you're not powered up. While a sinker is going to want adequate wind, this wing is perfectly capable if you have an efficient board that can get you moving and up on foil.

The NXT really shines when it's properly sized for the conditions, whether you're an experienced rider or still progressing. It's not a wing you can size down on. In fact, you may even wish to size up to make sure you've got the grunt to get up on foil. Once you are up, you can take advantage of the efficiency and forward traction the wing has to offer to build your apparent speed. Since the NXT has such a good top end range, you don't have to worry about becoming uncomfortable or overpowered.

Part of the reason it handles power so well is thanks to the Aluula frame. It's very sleek and fast without wanting to yank you downwind. The other part is the overall shape of the wing. The foil section drives you forward rather than trying to pull you on your face in a gust or when you'd normally be overpowered.

It's got a nice, powerful, solid feeling to it. It's not a pure race wing with all forward drive and no lift; it does have some punch and lift. Going into a jibe, you'll have good power. While the wing handles the power well, the Aluula frame doesn't have a lot of give to it, so it's a bit more physical to fly, and a harness line can do a lot to extend your session. You can still unhook to do tricks, but it'll help keep your arms and hands fresh.


The NXT is best for everyday freeriders and wave riders. While you'll probably be able to blast past your buddies on this fast wing, it's not going to compete at a pro level against dedicated race wings. It does work for a wide variety of riding styles and for a wide variety of skill levels, though. It's still easy to ride even when the conditions aren't perfect. It's well-behaved and fun, whether you're going 12 mph or 40.

If you've ridden the Duotone Slick D/LAB, it's similar to that wing. The Slick D/LAB is Aluula as well, so it has the same stiffness and light weight. It's easy, fun, and confidence-inspiring like the NXT. It's got the blend of drive and lift, and is also comfortable to ride overpowered. The NXT does have a bit more grunt than the Slick. While the NXT has handles instead of a boom, they're long handles, and you can still one-hand it from the front handle.

If you've got the budget for the Aluula, this is a wing that most people should be riding. You can progress on this wing and feel great doing it, and it'll leave you stoked.

What's Tucker Think?

Tucker has been loving the NXT in the surf. It's a ton of fun and easy to put where you want it to be. The power delivery is smooth but punchy when you want it to be so you can beat out a section or kick it into gear when you're about to stall. The leading edge handle gives you a ton of control over the roll of the wing, and that, along with the light weight, gives it a nice luffing feeling in the surf, even in lighter winds or when you're charging straight downwind. It's so well-behaved.

The front handle's pistol grip is super comfortable; one of the easiest Tucker has ridden with it being positioned so close to the leading edge. It gives you an easy transition point between the two handles, which you do a lot in the surf.

It's so intuitive and easy to ride, and it's one of the best wings at doing everything well. This is especially nice if you're just getting into the sport and haven't committed to a specific type of riding yet. If you enjoy a variety of styles, it's the perfect wing to keep in the car for whatever the day throws at you.

Tucker's Nitpicks

Obviously, the price is going to be a hanging point for a lot of people. Of course, that's an issue with any Aluula wing, and there isn't much that can be done about it, but it's going to make this top level of performance inaccessible for some people.

There are other wings that are also great for freeride and wave that cost quite a bit less but use mid-tier materials, and that's going to be attractive to people who may not need the very top-tier performance and are on a budget. The Slingwing V4 is a good example. You get the same handles, along with other similarities to the NXT, but you won't get the Aluula or pay the price for the Aluula. This is a nice option since you can always upgrade down the line if you do feel like the Aluula makes sense for you.


If you do have the budget, the NXT is an easy choice. It's fun and doesn't compromise on performance and construction. If you're a heavier rider and like to ride powered up with high-end performance, the frame is going to have the structure to deliver that. If your riding area tends to have gusty, messy days, the NXT is going to handle that more comfortably than the Slingwing V4. In a gust, it'll drive forward rather than yank you downwind, and the stiffer airframe won't deform as much, allowing the wing to continue to fly as designed. It's smooth and adaptable.

If you're ready to level up your performance and ride faster and more powered, the NXT is a great option, for sure.

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12th Jun 2024 Tucker Vantol

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