Reverse Downwind Foil Drive with Eric Sterman

Reverse Downwind Foil Drive with Eric Sterman

Professional drone pilot and surfer Eric Sterman is taking advantage of a rare opportunity to do a novelty downwind run on the north shore of Oahu with his buddy Aaron Eveland. Oahu typically has northeasterly trade winds, but today the wind is more westerly, so he and Aaron are going to start at Ke Iki and head toward Sunset Beach. If conditions are good, they'll continue on to Turtle Bay to do the full downwinder in reverse! How will it stack up against past runs?

Eric's pumping on a 4'7" 35L prone board with assist from the Foil Drive Max and 3-prop motor, while Aaron is riding a 7'0 Kalama Performance SUP with a GoFoil, using paddle and pumping power only.

The conditions are perfect, and they make it all the way to Turtle Bay. Eric still has juice in his Foil Drive, so he heads upwind to take another lap because he is having the time of his life. The reverse run is even better than the traditional downwinder!

Once they head ashore, they make the short trek up to the Kamehameha highway. They hadn't positioned any vehicles, so they relied on the spirit of Aloha to bring them back to Ke Iki. Sure enough, a truck soon pulls off, and the pair hops in the pickup bed with their gear.

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9th May 2024 Eric Sterman

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