Q & A with Tucker: F-One Plane EAGLE HM Carbon vs. Armstrong HA Foils

Q & A with Tucker: F-One Plane EAGLE HM Carbon vs. Armstrong HA Foils

Q: I've been riding an Armstrong 1550v2 with a HA195 tail. I enjoy it, but could I get better speed and glide out of something like an F-One Eagle HM or another foil?

A: I've ridden Armstrong foils and they are great, but they aren't known for their glide efficiency or mast stiffness. By comparison, F-one foils are top of the class in both glide efficiency and stiffness through the entire system. That is mostly due to the sleek mast/fuse connection, monocoque front wing/fuse design, and high-modulus carbon materials.

For reference, I'm 205lbs and I ride a quiver of Eagle foils: 990, 890, 790. My favorite is the 790, but if I had to choose just one it'd be the 990 since it covers the most "real world" range. If you get frequent 20kn+ and 3'+ swell, the 890 is a nice blend of the two as well.

For that larger type, more intuitive carving style foil like your Armstrong 1550, the Phantom 1480 or Seven Seas 1400 would be excellent replacements. The Phantom is a bit more carvey in the roll, but most riders prefer the Seven Seas for its glide and speed range. It's truly a magic wing for marginal conditions.

If there is a downside to the F-one foils, it's the limited availability of their HM carbon masts. They've been in high demand this year with limited supply, so that usually means sitting on a wait list for a couple of months.

Another good option, albeit a little heavier and not quite as sleek, is the Axis line. With the new Power carbon HM masts they've come with a good stiff mast and less drag than the classic 19mm alloy. The new Advanced fuselages move that mast further forward for a more surfy feel. Those have always been my gripes with the system, so with those recent changes it's an excellent choice, especially coming from Armstrong which ride quite far forward under your stance.

11th Oct 2022 Tucker Vantol

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