Mystic Foilbag 110cm | What Can it Hold?

Mystic Foilbag 110cm | What Can it Hold?

The Mystic 110 Foil bag is a fairly compact case, but is there more to it than meets the eye? Aaron from MACkite is ready to give it a test run with his foil setup, and he's got grand dreams of even getting a kite in there.

The bag itself is made from sturdy, padded canvas and has heavy duty zippers. Inside it's got two sheets of quarter-inch foam to separate layers of gear. This is perfectly adequate as a daily driver, but you would certainly want to add more protection if you want to bring it on the plane, particularly around the nose and tail of your board. Given that it's such a compact bag, this may not be feasible, depending on your setup.

Inside the top cover are three pockets. The two small ones are perfect for hardware and tools, and the large one can fit whatever other flat items you need to bring. In addition to the carry handle, there is a detachable shoulder strap. Even with just a board and foil, the bag is heavy enough that you might want to use the shoulder strap, especially if you've got any distance from your car to the beach.

In the bottom layer of the bag, you can pack up to a 110cm board. The North Scoop is a perfect fit, and that might even be the board Mystic had in mind when they designed the bag. Again, there isn't really any extra space around it for extra padding, so this might not be an ideal bag choice for flying. But for your daily sessions, it's perfect.

Flip one of the padded sheets onto the board, and you can add your foil. If you've got the base plate attached to the mast, you can probably tuck that into the end of the bag. Just be sure it's in a case or you add some padding so you don't ding the nose or tail of your board with it. There will also be room for your stabilizer, fuselage, and front wing.

Flip down the second foam sheet and you'll find three straps you can use to cinch everything down snugly if you want. Your board and foil are ready to roll! But wait... what about that kite?

A 10m kite can indeed fit between the top foam sheet and the cover! The cinch straps are perfect to hold it down. Just take it out of its backpack and fold it so that it's the length and width of the bag, and the cover will zip up with no problem. This will make your trip down to the water's edge that much easier. We'll see you there!

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22nd May 2024 Aaron Johnson

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