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The best wind in Le Morne is from May-October, which is winter in Mauritius. You'll be riding in comfortable, warm water with sideshore to onshore conditions depending on the launch spot. Wind blows most days and speed ranges from 15-35 knots. Bring a range of kites, but make sure your small kites are in good, working order!


Getting to Mauritius is an adventure in itself because of its remote location. It's an interesting blend of luxury resorts along the beachfront and local, tropical lifestyle in the villages. This can be done as a luxury trip for those with the budget to do so, or it can be a tropical beach adventure if you're staying in the local regions of La Gaulette or Le Morne Village.


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Mauritius is a wave lovers dream destination! Beginner wave riders can catch some swell inside the reef at Little Reef. Intermediate wave riders will want to head out to Manawa. Advanced/pro level riders can session at Chameau or One Eye. The swell in these spot can be incredible, but also incredibly dangerous. Take your time to get to know the spot before venturing out past the reef.


The Le Morne Lagoon has ideal flatwater conditions for all levels of riding. Water is flat to semi-flat depending on wind direction and tide. The lagoon can get very busy, so experienced riders that want to find some space on the water to practice tricks should head well upwind of the lessons zone.


You couldn't ask for better lesson conditions than the Le Morne Lagoon! Water is mostly flat and waist deep throughout most of the lagoon. Best of all, the water is comfortable and warm! There is a lesson center on the beach at Ion Club, and plenty of schools that work in this area. The only downside is onshore wind and sharp coral underwater. Instructors will help beginner riders get their gear upwind and provide booties to keep your feet protected.


There is so much to do all around this island that you will never be bored! Off the ocean, you can hike Le Morne mountain, check out the busy city of Port Louis, swim in waterfalls, explore sugarcane farms, and plenty more. In the water, there's dolphins, whales, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and every watersport you can imagine!


Fly into MRU airport and rent a car or organize a transfer to the Le Morne area in the south of the island. A rental car is absolutely essential to experience the island and all of it's kite spots! 

In a far off corner of the world is a kite destination where the waves are barreling, the water’s warm, and the scenery is just too good to be true. In this edition, we're checking out kitesurfing hotspot of Le Morne on the island of Mauritius!

This tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean is so beautiful, you’ll have to pinch yourself just to see if it’s real. If you want to get some sessions in at this kitesurfing hotspot, you’re in for a long trip. But the payoff is well worth the time! Mauritius is the ideal beach holiday. Lush mountains, massive waterfalls, incredible ocean life, and beautiful beaches. This is a travel experience to put on your bucket list.

The kiteboarding? It’s seriously good. We’re going to give you all the need to know information for kiteboarding in Le Morne, followed by some info on how to plan your trip!

Spot Guide

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Windy Season

The best time to kite in Le Morne is during the Mauritius winter season, which goes from May-October. Early and late in the season, windy days are slightly less frequent. In the summer, you can also get some windy days, though the wind is lighter and much less frequent.

If you want to be on the water every day, aim for the heart of the Mauritius winter. Tourists avoid the Le Morne area in the south of the island in July and August because the wind can be so strong. While they’re running the opposite way, you’ll be running to the beach with your kite gear!

In windy season, you can expect wind between 15-35 knots. You will want to bring a range of kites, but chances are you’ll make good use of your small kites here! Keep in mind that the kite beaches get super busy in the heart of windy season. Take your time, respect the rules, and be aware of what's happening on the spot.

Weather / Temperature

The temperature in this spot is tropical and warm. Pack for a hot summer beach holiday. In the water, most days are boardshort and bikini friendly. Some days the water can feel a little fresh, so bring a 1-2mm layer just in case. You may want to pack a full suit if you're in the water a lot, get cold easily, or want to take extra precautions to protect your body from the reef.

Launch Spots

In Le Morne, there are two main launch spots. Your riding level will determine where the right spot to ride is. There's a kite beach on the point of Le Morne for advanced riders only Around the corner is the Le Morne Lagoon which is perfect for every level. These spots are literally around the corner from eachother, so you can get on the water and upwind or downwind between spots in no time at all!

Launch Spot: The Lagoon

This is the perfect place to learn how to kitesurf or for all levels of kiters to practice their skills. There’s a grassy launch spot to set up your gear and space all along the beachfront to park and spread out. This is the kiteboarding lessons area, and the water here is about waist deep throughout the lagoon.

The water is flat to semi-flat here with awesome conditions for freeride, freestyle, and big air. It's an amazing place to work on progression. The shallow, onshore conditions make it really easy to go for new moves and train your skills without a fear of getting lost at sea!

For riders that want to do lessons, get in touch with the Ion Club which has a lesson facility right on the beach. For those that are riding independently, you can set up and go. Experienced riders should ride upwind where there’s more space. Be sure to stay clear of those doing their kite lessons closer to the beach.

Cautions: In this spot, wind blows straight onshore. Be extra careful launching and landing your kites here. It can get super shallow closer to the beach and near the corner, so ride carefully. If you’re learning, you'll want booties to protect your feet from sharp coral underwater. You may also want to have leggings or a full suit to protect your legs if you're still working on board skills.

Launch Spot: The Point

The Point at Le Morne is beautiful, but one to avoid if you’re not 1,000% confident launching, landing, and staying upwind. This is a very small launch and it can be gusty on the beach. It is common to see kites falling out of the sky and tangles on or near the beach here.

For advanced riders that can handle a little mayhem, your rewards iscrystal clear water, sideshore wind, and a beautiful area to ride that is protected by the reef. Outside of the reef are some of the best kitesurfing waves in the world!

Inside the reef, the water is semi-flat to choppy depending on wind and tide. It's reasonably shallow and you can stand in most areas closer to the beach. Between the reef and the shore is the perfect place to practice freestyle, big air, strapless freestyle, anything and everything! The wind pumps as it comes through this spot, and it’s a great place to either watch the action or be a part of it.

On big swell days, there's a wave that breaks upwind of the launch spot on the inside of the reef called Little Reef. This is the ideal place for wave riders to practice! But it's the waves outside of the reef that bring kitesurfers from all over the world to Mauritius!

Standing on the beach, you’ll see a wave to the left which is called Manawa, and this is a favourite for experienced kitesurfers and windsurfers. There's a break quite far out where most people ride, and also a break closer to the reef which is very shallow. This is one of the few kite spots where board leashes on surfboards are standard. You don’t want to lose your board out there on the reef!

Further downwind and across/to the right of the beach is Chameau and One Eye. These are recommended for advanced to pro level riders only. These waves are incredible but they are also ruthless. It's quite a dangerous spot, especially when there’s a massive swell in the forecast. The payoff though? Unreal. But the risk is high. Take it seriously.

Cautions: You’ll often see surfers on the downwind side of One Eye. If they're there - stay well upwind and away from their area.

There’s a channel just below Manawa that you can use to get out to the waves without having to ride over reef. If you look at this spot from above, you can see a unique underwater waterfall phenomenon. There is another channel below One Eye. There is strong current in these channels that can pull riders out to see, so inexperienced riders should avoid these areas.

Do not go outside the reef unless you’re a strong swimmer and a very confident kiteboarder. In the evening, the wind can turn offshore here, and you’ll be hooped if you’re not back on the beach when this happens. If you need to get rescued by a boat, you can expect to pay 100 euros or more for the ride back. If the waves are huge and the channels are closed – that’s a red flag day – there is no rescue option. In those cases, stay on the beach and watch the pros!


Unless you’re staying at one of the hotels next to the kite spots, this spot is super light on facilities. Bring what you need to the beach! Don't be surprised to find the bathroom closed in the evening or on holidays. Most days, you’ll find vendors at both The Lagoon and The Point that sell food and drinks.

There are plenty of kite shops in the area, but the closest one is a 5 minute drive from the beach. Most of the other kite shops are in La Gaulette, about 15 minutes from the Le Morne beaches.

Travel Guide

The Republic of Mauritius is an African island nation and an independent republic made up of two islands - Mauritius and Reunion (also a kite spot!). While most people speak English here, you'll hear a lot of French and Mauritian Creole.

This is a spot where you’ll want to bring your own crew. Solo kiters can definitely meet other riders out on the launch spots, but everything is pretty spaced out off the beach. There is plenty to do here, making it a destination that works for family, romance, and group travel with non-kiters.

How to get there

You'll fly into the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU). Prepare for a long trip if you’re coming from North America! Visitors from Europe or Africa will have a much shorter trip.

The travel time from the airport to Le Morne is approximately an hour, and a rental car is absolutely necessary on this spot.. unless you're staying at one of the kite friendly beachfront all-inclusive hotels like the Riu Le Morne or Riu Creole .

Where to stay

For those that are not all about that all inclusive life, avoid staying at Le Morne beach. There's nothing to do at the Le Morne beachfront after the sun sets, so you'll want to look for accommodation in La Gaulette or Le Morne Village.These areas are approximately 10-20 minutes drive from the kite spot.

Private vacation rentals and kitesurfer guestshouses are the way to go here. Check AirBNB,, or TripAdvisor to find these listings!

What to eat & drink

Expect dining out in Mauritius to cost as much as it does in the US or Europe. Groceries are also comparable to US/Europe prices.

There are a few great restaurants in La Gaulette, but a lot of visitors cook at home – especially those staying longer than a week. The supermarket is the center of the action! You're likely to see every kiter on the beach in the supermarket line at about 6 pm.

One of the best breakfast and lunch spots is Wapalapam. It has a cozy, island vibe with a great menu. Best of all? It's on the way to the kite spot!

In La Gaulette, Enso is a great place for a burger or seafood. Ocean Vagabond is well know for pizza.Frizzy is a great place to try some creole flavors.

There are tons of dining options in Tamarin, about 15-20 minutes away from La Gaulette. There's also some nightlife there. Try Hidden Garden for food, island vibes, and live music on the weekends. Big Willy's is the nightlife spot in this area.

Other activities

There is so much to do all around this island. You may want to set aside a few days off the water just to explore. Go for a drive to the bustling city of Port Louis to check out the markets and try some authentic Creole food. You can drive all around the island in a few hours, exploring little coastal villages along the way.

Up in the mountains is another world full of waterfalls, hiking, monkeys, and sugarcane rum! You can hike Le Morne mountain right next to the kite spot. The view from the top is incredible!

You can swim with dolphins, and if you're lucky you may even see some whales! There's SUPing, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. There are popular surf breaks here but the localism is an issue. Surfing is not recommended here, unless you're with a local surf school that can take you to the more mellow waves.

Chances are, you're here to kite and you'll be spending most of your time at the kite spot or kicking back after a big day on the water! Mauritius is a kite destination that you won’t want to leave. Whether you're here for a week or a month, you'll be wishing you'd planned a longer trip!

Don’t forget to check out our Le Morne video spot guide on YouTube. If you have any questions about this kite spot, please send us a message or reach out to Crystal on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

See you at the next Destination!

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