Kiteboarding Travel Bags Explained: North and ION

Kiteboarding Travel Bags Explained: North and ION

There are a lot of different travel bags out there for kiteboarding and kitesurfing. North offers the "Combi Bag" and "Team Bag Surf", while ION has the "Gearbag TEC". Here's the breakdown from Ben Skaggs, our North and ION Kiteboarding rep from Hood River, Oregon.

North Combi Bag

Colors: Black and Blue

Available sizes:

  • 140cm
  • 155cm
  • Surfboards up to 5'6"
  • Surfboards up to 6'2"

"This is a lightweight travel bag that uses the method of “use your gear and clothing as padding to save weight” for protecting your gear. As everyone who travels with kite gear knows it’s super easy to hit that weight limit when traveling with multiple boards and kites plus all your accessories."

North Team Bag Surf

Colors: Blue

Available size:

  • Surfboards up to 6'2"

"This bag can fit anything and everything you need for the extended travel to the exotic destinations with absolutely all your gear + your dog stuff and your kids’ stuff and your wife’s stuff…. It is very easy to go over the weight limit with this bag as it is massive. I personally prefer the combi bag."

ION Gearbag TEC

Colors: Bluish Green

Available Sizes:

  • Surfboards up to 6'0"
  • Surfboards up to 6'8"

"Sized similar to and larger than the North Team Bag Surf at a lighter weight (does not include the padding like the surf bag). But again if you are stuffing this bag full of kites and towels and wetsuits, who needs padding anyway? You can always come up with ingenious ways to protect and pad delicate gear. Again very easy to go overweight with these 2 bags."

As always, be sure to weigh your packed travel bags before heading to the airport so you don't get a nasty surprise from the ticket agent, telling you that your gear is over the weight limit. 50 lbs seems to be the weight limit that you want to stay under. And, be sure to review the baggage policy for the airline that you're flying with as they're not all the same in terms of fees.

20th Mar 2018 Aaron Johnson

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