Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling - NEW Gear for 2023 at AWSI

Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling - NEW Gear for 2023 at AWSI

This is Ryan, Jeff and Cado with MACkite, and we're checking out all the latest and greatest gear for the upcoming season at AWSI in Hood River. As always, if you've got any questions, give us a call at the shop. We'd love to talk to you about the gear.

Ben, Duotone and Boards and More

The Neo D/Lab is a very anticipated kite. It is the D/Lab material, which is the Aluula leading edge. The newest innovation in it is that we have a different flex strut pattern for each size of the kite. The bigger the kite, the stiffer the strut to keep it turning fast. The smaller the kite, the more flexible it's going to be to give it a smooth, consistent turn.

On the 2023 Trust Bar is an updated release kit, a seat belt reattachment system. There is also a new center depower line that is Dyneema, as well as the option of an adjustable low V or high V.

Andrew, KT Foiling

The brand new Ginxu board is just coming onto the market. We're really stoked about it, and our team's put a lot of design work into the step bottom design. These came into creation with Keith Teboul working with Kai Lenny down on Maui. We were looking for a more direct connection to the foil, so we slimmed up the tail end of the board to get your back foot locked into the mast plate while keeping the volume on the board up front. The step bottom creates an easy release for takeoffs and touchdowns. As you get going, the board comes to the surface, the water is flowing over the front of the board, and the tail's already out of the water so you can just ollie it right up onto the foil, just like a skateboard. These boards are super fun. They're a really compact shape, so you can ride them in a little bigger size if you want to because they're so short and compact and feel like they ride really small. We're stoked to get them out to you in 2023.

Jill, Ocean Rodeo

Our fancy, new, much-awaited wing handles are a carbon matrix handle system. It's a dual handle set in full carbon so it's super light. These 32cm handles make a nice, stiff, reactive wing, so we're super excited about that.

Another great thing that we have going on is our Quick Click leash. This is a new leash for our wings and will be included with all 2023 wings. It's got an auto rotator on it to prevent tangling, as well as a quick release so you can quickly untangle and click right back in.

Freedom Foilboards

The Nugget is our new wing foilboard. It's got a real wild shape. The pintail helps you shoot out of the water so you can get away with a smaller board. It has massive tracks. This thing's really fun for airs, jumping, and aggressive wing foiling.

The 810 Halcyon foil is our new high aspect small foil. It's been a blast to wing with in Hood River. It's super fun and super fast. Get on this thing.

Billy, F-One

F-One has a pretty comprehensive and complete carbon foil collection tailored for everyone's needs. New for this year we've added the Seven Seas 1000, 1200, and 1400 sizes, and also the new Eagle 790, 890, 990 and 1090, offering a higher aspect template with more glide and more speed to suit the rider's needs.

Damien, Reedin

I'm happy and proud to show you the Flight Attendant foil, designed very selfishly because I love foiling, but I'm not super good so I like to have something that's very forgiving. I also like to ride fast when I can, so we made a foil that is easy with a low stall speed, but also allows you to ride fast and do turns where you get the foil out of water, yet is still very controllable.

The Super Wing X uses full X-ply. The concept is to pack the maximum amount of power per square meter so you can ride a smaller wing. You have more power, you ride faster, and it's easier to get going because it's more efficient.

Kevin, Eleveight Kites

The RS is now in 7th version, and this is the V1 of the new Plus. Plus performance, plus price, but it's totally worth it. Our new Dynatex fabric is a Dyneema-based woven fabric. It's 30 percent lighter, has way more rebound, way more performance, and allows you to have thinner leading edge, lighter weight, and a lot more abrasion resistance. You get more durability, more performance, more speed, and more power.

New in the Delta hydrofoil lineup are a few different high aspect wings. We have an 850 and a 1050. We also have a new full carbon modular system with maximum rigidity. It is a single piece from the top plate all the way through the front of the fuselage, and then you can add different sizes of fuselages on the back. All the stress and tension you're going to be putting on that foil is in a solid piece, yet it gives you that modularity that people have come to know and love. You can change things out without having to get a whole new foil, but you also have maximum rigidity and maximum performance.

Dave, Ozone Kites

The Enduro V4 now has our continuous curve profile leading edge. You actually have a continuous curve instead of using straight segments to make your curve. A curvature is built into each segment, so it gives it a true arc throughout the whole leading edge of the canopy. This gives a really nice soft feeling on the bar, an amazing feel through the turns, and adds a whole new depth to the feel of the kite. The Enduro is our biggest seller, a three-strut, do-everything kite, and it's going to be a huge improvement in overall feel.

Sam, Airush Kiteboarding, FreeWing, and AK Durable Supply Co.

I'm really excited about the FreeWing Pro, our high-performance race wing. What makes this wing so special? It's got our Ho'okipa material on the leading edge and on the strut. It's recommended to pump this wing up to between 12 and 15 psi, depending on the wing size. It makes for an absolutely super-rigid airframe for your wing. We coupled that with the X-ply canopy material. This wing's got a ton of power, it cranks upwind... it's really a pure performance wing. The nice thing with using the Ho'okipa on the leading edge and strut, replacing the Dacron, is that, with the X-ply being a slightly heavier material, we're able to still keep this wing super light because we're using a lighter material on the leading edge and strut. Definitely check that one out and give it a try.

Rui, Appletree Surfboards

We have our brand new factory, so we can do some super cool graphics on custom boards if you're interested in getting your own color work on there. It's handmade in epoxy resin, so we pour it and every design is unique to give your board a super cool look.

We're working on some new stuff. This is a very early prototype, a new, narrower tail board that is really good for downwinding and wave riding when you want to do those tighter turns. We don't know what the release date will be, but it's something really cool for the future. We're also working on some longer designs, more downwind shapes.

Axis Foils

I'm very excited this year about the new Power Carbon High Modulus mast. It has completely changed the way that I ride my foils. I feel really connected, it's very stiff, and it's the most amazing mast that I have tried so far. I'm also very excited about the Advance fuselages. It has brought my riding even more forward. I can turn really tight, and it brought my original wings that I've been using with my previous masts and fuselages to a whole new level.


A lot of people have been waiting for our new RS wing. We explore different designs because we believe in potentially different directions in products. The RS is a wing which is going to react more. You will have more sensation of a sail. It's been designed to create stability with the outside of your wing. The inside of your wing gives you power, and the outside of your wing is going to give you stability. If you have the right stability, then you've got perfect control and you'll get a great experience. Don't look at the RS like it's going to be the race machine, your favorite wave wing or freeride wing; you will need to adjust a tiny bit to it, and it will give you fineness in sensations. Enjoy it. It has carbon handles, battens on the ears, battens on the edge, and three different layers to the canopy. It's time to fly.

Ewan, Naish

The new Naish Pivot has a new Power Lock bridle on the kite. In stronger winds, it holds the shape of the kite super well, so from 10 knots to 40 knots you're going to have the same shape in the kite. It's predictable and smooth, and has a great transition of power all the time, so we're really stoked on that. We've also improved the 12 and the 14 by changing the panel layout and the aspect ratio. Mix that with the new bridle and our 12 and 14 are great light wind, big air kites.

Luke, Flysurfer Kiteboarding

We've been working on the new Stoke kite for quite a while. We've completely redesigned the kite. We've changed the tip shape, we've changed the whole profile, everything. We've reduced a lot of weight so the kite's really quite performance-oriented, but by the same token we have only two inflatable kites, so this kite is a do-it-all kite. My goal was to get anyone on this kite and say they felt comfortable, so this is the kite that can do it all. It can loop, it can jump, it can hydrofoil, it's lightweight... it's just a really fun, intuitive kite that almost anyone can ride and get on and have fun. I want people to try it, get on it, and see what they personally feel, but the feedback we've had so far is it's really intuitive, so for me that's a win.

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