Foil Drive Gen2 | Announcing Assist MAX and Assist Slim

Foil Drive Gen2 | Announcing Assist MAX and Assist Slim

Generation 2 of the Foil Drive has finally been revealed! The team at Foil Drive has been fine-tuning it for two-and-a-half years, and the result is two additions to the lineup: the Assist MAX and the Assist Slim.

Slim vs. MAX

The Slim, as the name implies, is the slimmer, lower-profile version and offers a lighter weight and higher performance, making it great for advanced riders who are ripping turns.

The MAX gives maximum power and run time, which is perfect for most riders.

New Housing

Generation 2 puts everything inside the housing that mounts between your mast and board. There is no battery to mount to the top of your board, no cables running around the side, and no antenna, keeping the top of your board perfectly clean. Because it mounts to your mast track, it's universal.

The housing is CNC-machined from a solid block of aluminum, so it's stronger and more rigid than your mast or mast track and won't introduce any flex.

Battery Options

There are two different batteries for the Assist Slim, and these each have their own correlating nose cone. The Slim Performance battery offers the lowest weight and the highest performance. If you want a little bit more runtime, there is the larger Slim Endurance battery.

The MAX also has two different battery options, each with its own nose cone. The Sport battery is shorter, a bit lighter, and it keeps its mass closer to the center point of the mast. The Power battery offers maximum power, maximum thrust, and maximum run time.

The battery is now certified IP68 waterproof, and all the electronics inside are also fully waterproof.

Controller and Motor

The controller has remained the same from the version 2 that the Assist Plus uses. The motor and its mounting hardware are also the same, but with a Generation 2 motor plug. The mast compatibility has grown to 93 different masts. You assemble your mounting pod with the motor as usual, then simply plug in the motor plug at the back of the housing on the base of your mast. It's really that simple.

New App

There is a phone app that allows you to change things like rider feeling and rider profiles to fine-tune your ride to exactly how you want it to be.

Which Is Right for Me?

The Slim was developed to produce the smallest, lightest, most unobtrusive package possible that still had considerable amounts of power- even more than the Assist Plus. Even heavy riders on small boards can get up, out of the water and on foil, even on flat water in a marina. It feels like there's nothing on your board.

The mass of the MAX is so centrally located, right where it should be, that the penalty for having that bigger battery and bigger nose cone is trivial. It opens up so many different opportunities for riding. You can now deep water start a small prone board, get up on foil, and flick onto an ocean swell. You can catch that wave and ride for 800 meters, then peel off, pop the motor back in the water, and Foil Drive all the way back out and flick onto the next wave, doing lap after lap after lap. You can stay on foil for 50 minutes to an hour of continuous laps and fun.

The ethos of Foil Drive is never to ruin the feeling of foiling, but to amplify it and make foiling better. The foiling world is going to change with this, so come along for the ride. Cheers!

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6th Nov 2023 Foil Drive

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