FireFins | The Quick Swap Fins for Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding

FireFins | The Quick Swap Fins for Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding

FireFins - The Quick Swap Fins for Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding

This is Pat with here to talk today about the FireFins. I've been riding these all summer long, and I'm going to give you my impressions: what I liked and what I didn't like about them, and why they might be right for you.

What Are the FireFins?

They're basically a third-party fin replacement. They work with just about any board on the market, it seems like. They've replaced the stock fins that the board comes with. They come in a 50mm, a 35mm, and a 25mm, so you've got lots of different options to mix and match fins, depending on what your session calls for that day.

What Are the Benefits to Riders?

The nicest part about them is that they just snap right on and off, so it's super easy to swap fins out. For traveling, it's super easy to take your fins off, put them in your board bag, pack your stuff away, get to the beach where you're going to ride, snap your fins right on, and you're good to go.

The main reasons why I swapped to them was I wanted to test them out just to see if it was a good product for our customers to purchase. We brought them in and I was really curious about them and switching between sessions, going from flat water freestyle sessions to big air in the waves sessions. For those big air sessions in the waves and choppy water, I used 50mm fins, but for freestyle and flat water riding between the pierheads, I would switch down to 25mm. They also make an in-between 35mm fin size. In hindsight, I wish I would have gone with the 35s. The 25s really feel like you are riding completely finless, so if you're looking for that finless feel, 25s are probably going to be what you want. If you want something that still has a little bit of extra grip, the 35 is the way to go, but you can still butter that board around without getting caught up.

How Do You Use Them?

To snap them on and off, you pinch the fin, give it a little bit of a wiggle, and it pops right off. To put it on, just push it down and you'll hear two clicks. That means it's locked down. If you don't hear those two clicks, it definitely has the potential to fall off. I lost one or two this summer that way. I was swapping between fins and didn't snap them down fully and lost them during my session. Luckily, they do sell replacement fins, so it was easy to order a new set and get them swapped out. But it's super quick and easy to snap them on and off and get you right back out in the water riding.

Final Impressions

I really like the fins. I definitely would say that they have a little bit less grip than your traditional fiberglass or carbon fiber fin, so you do sacrifice a little bit in the grip and probably aerodynamics because the fin is a little bit chunkier than what a lot of these boards come with stock. You probably lose a little bit of traction and efficiency, but I really like the ability to tailor my board to my session without having to break out a screwdriver set and spend 10-15 minutes swapping fins. I just snap off and on, and I'm back in the water..

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18th Jan 2023 Pat Taylor

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