Fanttik NEX L1 Pro 3.7V Driver | The Ultimate Tool for Easy Hydrofoil Assembly?

Fanttik NEX L1 Pro 3.7V Driver | The Ultimate Tool for Easy Hydrofoil Assembly?

Aaron from MACkite has picked up a tool that he hopes will cut a little time to get his hydrofoil from the car to the water. It's the Fanttik NEX L1 Pro 3.7V cordless driver. Time to unbox it and see whether it lives up to his expectations...

What's in the Box?

It's a nice-looking kit. It comes in a hard shell case and, in addition to the driver itself, has a USB to USB-C charging cable and a nice variety of driver bits that should cover your foil hardware.


The driver has a comfortable pistol grip and came half charged, so if you grab it off your doorstep on your way to the beach, you should be able to use it right away. There are LEDs to light up your work, and it also has a screen to show your current torque level, drive direction, and battery level.

Torque ranges all the way from .5 Nm for more delicate precision work, up to 6 Nm for tougher jobs. Two buttons let you adjust the torque level and drive direction. The chuck locks, which is a great feature to keep your bit from falling out and getting lost in the sand.

How's It on Foils?

A test assembly is in order, so Aaron grabs his foil setup and puts in the first screw on torque 3. That feels pretty good, so he bumps it up to 4, then 5, and finally 6. All work well, but he feels like 4 or 5 worked the best.


The driver felt good in his hand, and the compact case has everything that's needed without becoming bulky. It's a great kit to throw in with your gear and save a few minutes at the beach. It's not something that MACkite stocks, but it's earned a thumbs-up from Aaron.

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3rd Jun 2024 Aaron Johnson

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