DUOTONE - The Launch of a New Brand

DUOTONE - The Launch of a New Brand

Welcome DUOTONE!

We know that there has been a tornado of speculation and questions regarding the re-branding of the well known and loved North Kiteboarding brand.  To put it as simply as possible, nothing is changing except for the name!  Customers can expect the same highly developed product, improved service, and a fresh brand energy.  Duotone is essentially what "North" for 2018 was - same designers, products, and distribution channels

"Duotone is going to go forward standing for even higher quality products with design and performance at it's foundation.  The team is the same.  We're going to go forward, not just as riders, but as an R&D Team, as designers, and as producers; as a unified quality assurance stamp across each industry that we produce products." - Tom Court

Same Product, Same Designers, New Name.

Check out the video above to see what else Tom, a long time team member and pro-rider for Boards & More, has to say about Duotone and other important questions such as their product warranties and industry intentions.

What Duotone Has to Say

So everything becomes anew and at the same time remains 100 % unaffected and reliable. Starting August 2018 the Boards & More kite division develops and distributes all products under the new name DUOTONE.

All values which we are known for – like advanced technologies, uncompared quality and continuous development – keep on pointing the way on our new direction. The complete r&d, distribution, production and athletes teams stay on board.

So join us entering a new era. We‘re riding with high hopes under a new flag, ready to set the tone. Welcome to DUOTONE!

26th Jul 2018 Rachel Moran

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