Axis x Foil Drive Board Collaboration | Unboxing the 5'8" 70L Model

Axis x Foil Drive Board Collaboration | Unboxing the 5'8" 70L Model

Axis has collaborated with Foil Drive to produce a custom-designed board to work perfectly with the Foil Drive. It's been eagerly anticipated, and MACkite just got some in. It comes in 50, 60 and 70 liter sizes, and Ryan brought the 5'8" 70L down to the beach to unbox it and see what it's like.

Custom Board Bag

The first thing he noticed as he opened the box and began to pull the board out is the nice, custom bag that it ships in. That's a nice bonus since, not only does it help protect the board in transit, but this board's shape is a bit longer and narrower than most, so finding a board bag that fits well could be challenging otherwise. The bag also has extra room to leave the Foil Drive attached in between sessions, which will save you a little time on the beach.

Board Top

The board itself has a nice, glossy finish and sharp red color. The deck pad is two-tone, which not only looks great, but gives you a point of reference for your feet. It also has multiple cutouts so you can see at a glance where your feet are as you pop up and ride. There is a vent plug as well.

Board Shape

The board is pretty long compared to its width, and that's been the trend lately since the length will determine how the board will perform for you. The 5'8" is a good size for larger riders, less experienced riders, and small or flat water conditions.

Board Bottom

The whole board looks so sleek and smooth with that glossy finish, and the bottom of the board is flat from about midway to the nose. That'll give you some really nice surface area to plane on and let you get moving with as little effort as possible. The track box area is flat, too, which is perfect for mounting your Foil Drive main unit. There is a bit of chine on both sides, but not much, and no kick in the tail. This should be a fast, efficient board, which is just what you want if you've got small waves or even flat water.


This board will be easy to get up and ride on with the Foil Drive system. A review should be coming later, once we've had a chance to get out on this board and see how it compares to others we've ridden with the Foil Drive.

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10th Jun 2024 Ryan Hooker

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