Applying Registration Stickers to Waydoo eFoil with Gorilla Tape

Applying Registration Stickers to Waydoo eFoil with Gorilla Tape

Quick shout out to Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell on YouTube for a great video on how he added Registration numbers and required waterway permit stickers to his Waydoo 

Secret tip for add registration numbers to your Waydoo

  • Prepare your board: Ensure the foam surface is clean and free of any debris.
  • Use crystal clear Gorilla tape: Apply the tape to the textured foam surface of the board. This tape has a strong adhesive and works well on the board.
  • Apply tape before stickers: Put the tape on first and then place the numbers and other stickers on top of it. This prevents gaps between the edges of the stickers and the board.
  • Leave room for multiple stickers: Depending on the location and regulations, you may need stickers for the year, month, and specific location of your watercraft. Make sure you have enough space for all these stickers.

Optional Tips

  • Consider using Plasti-Dip: Another method is to paint the numbers directly on the board using Plasti-Dip. This can also be used in combination with stickers.
  • Optional pro tip: Apply clear Plasti-Dip: If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can apply clear Plasti-Dip over the stickers. This is particularly useful for the numbers that don't change year to year.

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18th May 2023 Video by: Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell

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