AFS Whitebird DW Wing Board - New Sizes Available

AFS Whitebird DW Wing Board - New Sizes Available

Live Stream Q&A with Tucker, originally streamed live on May 15, 2024

Tucker from MACkiteboarding introduces the AFS Whitebird Downwind Foil Board and the AFS Wing Board, highlighting their features and the benefits of wing foiling and wing surfing. He starts with a brief introduction, mentioning the AFS Whitebird 82, a newly released board with larger sizes, aimed at enhancing stability and ease of use for beginners.

Key points discussed include:

  1. AFS Brand Introduction: AFS stands for Alien Foiling System, a French brand known for its high-quality production directly from its own factory, ensuring better prices and higher quality.
  2. Product Range: AFS offers a full range of products, including foils, wings, and boards, all made from 100% carbon, providing competitive options for various budgets.
  3. Whitebird New Sizes: The new larger sizes (82, 78, and 58) are designed to be more accessible for beginners, featuring higher volume and length for better stability and ease in downwind paddling and light wind winging.
  4. Design and Features: The Whitebird boards have a relaxed entry rocker, extra-long foil boxes, a scooped deck for better stability, and a dome shape to shed water efficiently.
  5. Versatility: The boards are suitable for downwind foiling and light wind winging, with specific models catering to different skill levels and riding styles.

Tucker also highlights the AFS wing range, particularly the D-Light wing, which offers good value, lightweight design, and comfortable handles.

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21st May 2024 Tucker Vantol

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