3 Key Benefits of Foil Drive V2 That Will Transform Your Wing Foiling

3 Key Benefits of Foil Drive V2 That Will Transform Your Wing Foiling

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Join Jeff, a seasoned foil enthusiast at MACkite, as he explores the game-changing potential of the Foil Drive V2 and delves into three compelling reasons why Foil Drive is not just an accessory, but a revolution in wing foiling, particularly in light wind conditions.

Does a Foil Drive have a place in winging? I believe it does. I've been in high winds to light winds, and the Foil Drive can certainly assist you to get on the water more in the light wind area.

I also believe that if you do purchase a Foil Drive, you won't need as much equipment and options in your quiver.

And if you live in a spot where there's a wind line that you need to get to, the Foil Drive can get you out there quickly and efficiently.

Get On the Water More

The Foil Drive is kind of like training wheels, the "easy button" to give you power to get up in the lightest of wind. Normally, it takes a lot of effort and you need the right equipment to get up in light wind conditions, but with a Foil Drive you won't need a downwind board, and you may not even need a huge light wind wing or foil.

Once you get up on foil in that 9 - 12 knot range, you don't want to fall off, because once you're up you can use that apparent wind speed to keep you moving on the water, not to mention that you don't want to fall because you just worked so hard to get up and riding. The Foil Drive assist can get you that needed power, as if you have an extra 5 knots of wind to get you up and riding.

I love winging and I'll work for it, but on those light wind days it can be very taxing and tiring, and then once you're up, you're constantly trying to focus and stay up so you don't fall off foil. That's the number one reason I think the Foil Drive has a place in winging.

Ride Your Favorite Gear

Winging is an expensive sport, and downwind boards and foil choices for light wind can add up. While buying a Foil Drive may be roughly equivalent to buying a downwind light wind foil wing and board, you can stick with one board and ride your smaller foil that you normally would when it's powered up. A really big wing creates a lot of friction and drag, so by sizing down a little bit and using the Foil Drive assist, you can use equipment with better performance. That's the second compelling reason why the Foil Drive does have a place with wingers.

Get to the Wind

The third reason would be to get to and from wind. Not everyone has a place where they can walk out and access good wind and get up and riding. Maybe you're on an inland bay or an area of a lake where there's just not much wind, but you can see a wind line out there. The Foil Drive could be your easy button to ride out to that wind and get up and foiling. This could be the difference between riding and not riding in those wind conditions.

We're excited about this new piece of technology because it's really about getting more time on the water and accessing the stoke, even in subpar conditions. That foil assist is going to give you a little more confidence and help make up for that lack of skill when you're still learning. It will give you that extra boost to get you riding.

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Mr. Jeff
3rd Nov 2023 Jeff Hamilton

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