2024 North Loft Pro Wing Review

2024 North Loft Pro Wing Review

The 2024 Loft Pro is a brand new wing from North, and it's going to change the light wind game. It's been a little while since we've had a new wing on the light wind market, and this year we're going to see a couple of them. We expect to see the Loft Pro release in late summer or early fall 2023. It's going to come in a 7m and 8m size, and we were able to get both to test. We've been really excited about its performance, design, and materials.


Surf Handle

The surf handle is a foam rubber material. It's very clean, comfortable, slim, and lightweight. It's easy to grab onto and it holds its shape and doesn't deform. There's plenty of room for larger hands or a glove. Underneath is a scuff pad in the same foam material. It won't soak up water and add to the weight of the wing while you're riding.

Wrist Leash

The wrist leash is included, and it's nice and works well.

Strut Handles

The handles are much like what you're used to from North. You get the benefits of a hard handle design, but they're so long that they're almost like a boom. You have lots of options to hold the wing when on a tack or flagging out. Nice, long handles like these can add weight, but North has addressed that by making them from carbon fiber this year. Otherwise, it's their same comfortable, tried-and-true handle design.

This wing has a large "sweet spot" on the handles. Part of this is due to the shape and outline of the wing. The foil section is also deep, efficient and powerful. These combine to give the rider ease-of-use. A pro level rider is definitely going to appreciate the advanced features on this wing, but it's also accessible to a new rider.

Inflation System

The inflation system uses a Boston-style valve. There is one on the leading edge and one on the strut, so you can pump them up independently to different pressures if you like. Two valves also means you can deflate more quickly at the end of your session. The One Pump hose has a clamp to isolate the bladders, or you can open it and pump up both at the same time. It's nice to be able to isolate the bladders while riding; if one should happen to deflate, the other will remain inflated and give you flotation while you get back to shore.

Wing Profile

The foil section is very deep. The frame has a lot of dihedral, but the top of the wing is nearly flat. This results in a lot of power and lift from the wing, so it gets the job done in light winds, even for a heavier rider like myself.


There are two removable fiberglass battens along the trailing edge of both sides of the wing.


It's a big wing, and it comes with a nice, big bag so you don't need to fold the wing like origami to get it back in the bag.



At first glance, the Loft Pro looks like a light wind version of the Mode. That's true to some degree, with a lot of shared technology, but it's also a completely redesigned, more advanced wing. It uses the N-Weave material on the leading edge and strut, and I like that a lot. It's an innovative material designed specifically for winging, and the N-Weave 45 is an improved version of that which has eliminated the inconsistencies of the past.

It's stiffer and less prone to twist, and this gives it a more direct feel and better longevity. This is great because we can be pretty hard on these wings when riding overpowered and crashing while learning new tricks.

The stiffness makes the wing snappy and responsive, which is especially important in a light wind wing where you're pumping more to create apparent wind. Any flex you do get just rebounds and adds to the energy. Even at slow speeds, it feels high-performance, and it's a lot of fun.

Matrix Canopy

The new Matrix material has been selected especially for wings, and it's about three times stiffer in elongation, which is very important for wing canopies. It makes it more responsive and active, and it will hold its shape much longer.

Flying Characteristics

The wing's power is very lifty and grunty. This is what you typically want from a big, light wind wing. I was out in just 10 knots the other day on a 1300 foil, and I rarely had to pump the wing more than twice to get up and riding. The wing isn't overly specific about the pumping technique or sail angle, so it's great for your average rider who isn't a pro. Most people want something easy, especially in light wind. They want something that can reliably get you out on the water and up on foil, having a great time.

An easy, dependable wing is also going to help you progress. If you're afraid that you won't be able to get back up if you fall, you're not going to try anything new. This wing will give you the confidence to push yourself and grow as a winger.

The Loft Pro is one of the best light wind wings that I've flown. There have been some with different advantages, but the Loft is definitely in the conversation when looking at 2024 releases.

Tucker's Nitpicks

I always like to find something to criticize about a wing, but I'm having a hard time with the Loft. Like I said, this is one of the best wings for light wind that I've ever flown, so it's hard to complain. Even the price point is friendly for something with advanced materials like this has, especially compared to similar wings on the market. I guess if I had to pick something... the included leash is pretty basic. It's reliable and the cuff fits around wetsuits, but I prefer the steel rope style with a bungee inside, and this is nylon cord.

Some people might say a wing this large should have windows, especially for racing where you're in a tight group. However, I prefer not to have anything that adds weight, particularly in a light wind wing, so I can't criticize that decision.

Who Is the Loft Pro For?

I can confidently say that anyone can pick up a 7m or 8m Loft and ride in light wind. At 200lbs, I usually gravitate towards 7m wings for light wind. They're easier to manage and I have the pumping technique to make them work. However, I like the 8m Loft. It's so compact, and the extra size gives me a little more low end with less work.

It's a beautiful wing and colorway. It only comes in the one color, so you just need to choose your size and go ride.

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24th Jul 2023 Tucker Vantol

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