2024 F-One Strike V4 Wing Vs. Swing V4 | Which One is Right for You?

2024 F-One Strike V4 Wing Vs. Swing V4 | Which One is Right for You?

Tucker and Jeff are back with some more winging goodness for Wing Wednesdays. Today they're looking at two wings from F-One, the Swing and the Strike. What's new with these wings for 2024? How do they compare to one another and previous versions? They got some time on the early releases of these wings and have some insights to share.

Low-End vs. High-End Performance

Last year, the Strike lost some of that low-end grunt in exchange for more performance at the high end. Some Strike fans even moved to the Swing since it retained the low-end grunt and easier lift. However, this year the Strike has regained some of its low-end while keeping good top-end performance.

Still, if you're looking for a wing that has that lift and extra grunt for operating in the lower end of its wind range, the Swing might be the better choice there.


You can now fly the Strike in a more normal size. Last year, we recommended sizing up by half or even a whole meter, particularly in the larger sizes. You can still size up half a meter since the Strike is a wing that shines when it's powered. It has a lot of drive and speed, and the 5m and under perform well in the higher wind range.

The Swing will get overpowered at the upper end more easily than the Strike, so be prepared to size down as the wind comes up if you're riding the Swing.

Who Are They For?

If you're somebody who likes to ride powered and fast, the Strike is without question the better wing for you. It's smoother and has a higher wind range and better upwind. It's just not as nervous and physical to fly when overpowered.

The Swing, on the other hand, is great for those looking for grunt, but at the top end of its range it starts to get very physical and a little bit more nervous with more feedback. It's not as smooth or stable once it becomes really overpowered. You're going to feel it and know you can't push it any more, whereas on the Strike you can continue to push it a little higher.

For most people, the Swing is going to be the wing they're comfortable on because it works in less wind and is less work to get up, but when the wind really starts to crank, then you should gravitate towards the Strike. The Strike is also the wing for those looking for performance.

The Swing isn't too bad on waves; it flags out pretty well, arguably better than the Strike, which is counterintuitive since we can get the biggest waves when it gets really windy. But it's a very stable wing when flagging; just size down a bit.

If you like to size down to get on the smallest wing you can and are willing to set down your 5m at 18 knots, you'll probably want the Swing. But if you tend to hang on to that 5m so you can ride powered and with speed, then you'll probably want the Strike. Depending on your riding style, you may even choose the Strike for your smaller wings and the Swing for your wings 5m and up.


The handles are the biggest change for 2024. F-One wings ship with the soft handle you're familiar with, but now there are other options for flexibility with your style and preferences. Each handle is sold individually, so you can even mix and match front and back handles if you like.

The handles use the inflation of the center strut to lock them into place, and they're very stable that way. Do note that the sizing on the front and back handles is different. Jeff initially had them switched, and when he handed the wing off to a buddy to try, one handle popped loose out on the water. (He made it in safely, though!) The shorter handle goes in the front, and the longer one goes in the back.

Soft Handles

The soft handles are a little stiffer this year. They went with a new plastic core on those that's a little stiffer, so if you're after a similar feel but with a bit more direct response, you'll get that with the soft handles. Even though they're soft, they're still quite rigid and a little bit harder than last year's. They still have the nice smaller diameter that's very comfortable in the hands and easy to engage with.

Semi-Rigid Handles

The semi- rigid handle is like the soft handle, but it has a little plastic core in the first part of it that's even stiffer than the soft handle has. It holds its shape even more and doesn't flop around as much, but it's also a little bit tighter to the boom. It doesn't hang down as much, which could be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing. Being more level with the strut makes it easier to adjust your hand along its length without having to death grip it. When it's bowed out, your hand's always going to want to fall to the center. However, with 5 mil gloves on, it's a bit more difficult to get your hand in there, which can be frustrating when you have to shove your hand into there, so it may be a little bit tight if you're a big-handed person wearing gloves. You might want to have a different one for the front and then leave the soft handle in the back, or go to the hard handle.

Hard Handles

The front hard handle is angled, so it is a bit more ergonomic for your wrists and your shoulders. It also gives you the opportunity to pistol grip it better at the front, so rather than having a little nub that you try to hang on to with two fingers, you're going to have a full-on grip to give yourself some good leverage over that front handle.


We expect the boom to arrive sometime in June, and hopefully the other handles will be here in May 2024. Then you'll have lots of options other than the included soft handles.

Jeff's Handle Pick

I still like the original handle. I got so used to it with the feel of the wing in the higher winds that I like to ride with it. It's helpful for fatigue, and I've grown to like that connection point. It seems like everyone's going to hard handles, and I was like that initially, but I really appreciate the soft handle. I think they've done a nice job, and the smaller sizes with the soft handles seem to work well.

Tucker's Handle Pick

I think I'm going to like the hard handle setup. I'm pretty happy with the soft handle and I'm not sure that I would bother to change it, but I think I'd like the hard handle up front to give you that pistol grip option with either a soft handle or hard handle in back.

My only qualm with F-One over the years is that, as a heavier rider that likes to ride powered, these wings tend to be back hand heavy. I think it's because it's designed around and tested by lighter riders. When you look at the handle placement, it's really optimized for somebody that's not riding a 5m in 22 knots, so I'm always choking up on the handles and really having to grip them to hold them where I ride. It would be nice to have a hard handle that you can grip without any kind of fatigue in your hands because you can lightly grip it anywhere since it's rigid.

Now, the new Swings do balance out a little better for heavier riders since they're pivoting it towards that more powered riding style, and I didn't feel as heavy-backhanded for the V4, so I'm pretty amped on that, and that might make the soft handle more attractive for me, but I'm fairly confident I'm going to land at least on the hard front handle. The soft handle is a little lighter than the hard handle, so if I can get away with that in the back, I'll probably do that.

Additional Wing Notes

One thing that makes F-One wings a little bit special and unique, and what keeps people coming back to those wings is that they're very surfy, light-feeling wings that are well-balanced and easy to ride. As long as you're choosing the right size and model, you're going to be really happy with them.

If there's a downside, in the past they weren't really built for heavy riders riding super-powered. The frames were a little bit more flexy and the handles were in a different position, so in the past 180 lb and smaller riders would love it the most. Other riders loved it too, of course, but if you've ridden their stuff in the past and not liked it for those reasons, try riding it again this year. There are some notable changes, and F-One has really opened up that top end. It's a stiffer wing, it's more durable, and the canopy will have more longevity with the new panel layout and new materials. Some of the past criticisms of F-One have been addressed, and if you're used to a rigid handle, the new options will let you engage with and like the wings so much more.

F-One continues to try to innovate and have some unique features. They don't always follow the crowd, but they do make subtle adjustments to make it so that everyone can have success and engage with the products.

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