2024 F-One Rocket SUP Downwind Pro Meets the NEW Jam Series Pump Foil

2024 F-One Rocket SUP Downwind Pro Meets the NEW Jam Series Pump Foil

Tucker from MACkite is with Billy of F-One and Manera at the 2023 King of the Great Lakes Test Fest checking out some hot new gear for foiling. What is it? Is it for you?

F-One Rocket SUP Downwind Series Foilboard

Billy: We have our new Rocket Downwind Series board, available in a few different constructions and different widths. We already have the CNC custom boards, handmade, vacuum-bagged, and full carbon. We also are going to offer a bamboo collection, coming soon.

We've got three different widths and about five sizes in each width, ranging from around 97L to 130L, so we cover everyone. The 7'5" x 21" 120L board is extremely light. The fit and finish is fantastic, and the stability is A+. It comes with a beautiful bag so you're all set up and ready to go. We've been testing it this week with a lot of light wind winging, and I've really enjoyed the planing power for this. It is definitely opening up a whole new window for light wind possibilities.

Tucker: It's fast, it's light, and it's really stable, like you said. I'm new to downwind. I've been winging for a long time, but it feels like a board that's 3 or 4 inches wider yet has that speed. I don't want to say it's entry level because it's high-end for sure, but if you've never done it before, you could definitely jump on this board and figure it out.

Billy: Yeah. Because these are full custom CNC boards and not molded, this allows us to produce more sizes and more ranges. The 20-inch wide collection meets the needs of the mass majority, and it is very stable. 20 inches is the wider collection, and we also offer a 19 and an 18-inch wide collection for more performance. The 120L is still really fast through the water; guys our size are either using this or the 110L, and even some smaller if you're just using it for light wind sports. They've come a long ways and we're really excited to bring the downwind boards to MACkite.

Tucker: Looking at the board, there are some cool features on it that I think set it apart. We've got a sunk-in concave deck and really boxy rails. It's got that step in front of the mast to help break that tension coming through the tail.

Billy: It reduces a little drag from the top plate, but still has a good release off the water.

Tucker: It almost has a pintail, but then it has that V-style chine.

Billy: Yeah, like a twisted V to help release.

Tucker: But it's fast, and it feels good. It feels super light. 7'0" seems like a big board, but once you get out there, it feels a lot smaller than it looks.

Billy: With the foils positioned more centrally on the board, it really reduces the swing weight of the nose. It definitely opens up what's possible, and we're excited to do some downwind laps and light wind winging.

Tucker: I'm amped on it. It's definitely a good crossover for me, and I don't feel like I need to go any smaller. It was plenty nimble at that size, and that way I could downwind it as well.

F-One Jam 1900 Foil

Tucker: So what is this beautiful carbon goodness we've got here?

Billy: Pairing with the Downwind Series, we have the new Jam. This is going to be available in a couple sizes. The 1900 is geared towards pump foiling. It's got a 141 cm wingspan, so it's massive, but it works well. We've been testing it here this week doing some flat water paddling and also using it to test the low end of winging.

Tucker: It looks like a huge skate, almost.

Billy: It is a little larger and definitely higher aspect at 10.5. It comes with a mono block 200 pumping tail.

Tucker: So that's your Downwind and Jam. That's your plug-and play downwind or ultra-light wind wing setup from F-One. We can't wait to get some more in stock and and see the bamboos come in alongside the carbon for those that don't have the budget.

Billy: Contact MACkite to learn more about the F-One Rocket Downwind range, along with the new Jam Pump foil!

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4th Oct 2023 Tucker Vantol

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