2024 Duotone Unit Wing Review | What's New and Noteworthy?

2024 Duotone Unit Wing Review | What's New and Noteworthy?


The 2024 Duotone Unit Wing retains the essence of its predecessors but with enhanced top-end speed and efficiency. It's versatile, suitable for jumps, waves, and especially for new riders. Its lift and grunt make it forgiving for those still refining their technique. For the best wind range, you should consider building your Unit Wing quiver to allow for 1m to 1.5m between sizes.

Features and Design

Leading Edge

Starting at the leading edge, the surf handle remains minimalist, lightweight, and flexible. The neoprene patch is generously sized, and there's a leash attachment point. However, note that Duotone wings don't come with a leash, so you'll need to add one to your purchase.

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Inflation System

For those unfamiliar with Duotone's inflation system, it uses the proprietary "Airport Valve." If you're using a pump from another brand, you'll need a Duotone adapter, which isn't included with the wing. We recommend grabbing a couple in case you lose one. Or just get a Duotone Pump, which has the proper adapter permanently fitted to the hose end.

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See Duotone Pumps HERE.


The Mod 3 canopy, introduced in 2022, continues to be a feature in 2024. It's stiff, durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, making it an excellent material for wings.


The 2024 Duotone Unit introduces a significant change in handle design. The front handle is considerably longer, almost mimicking a boom. This design allows for one-handed flying and offers a balanced grip. The handle's core is now made of carbon fiber, which is lighter than the previous aluminum handles.


An interesting feature is the bent strut, which offers two main benefits:

  1. It shapes the back edge of the foil section in the canopy, providing stiffness.
  2. It allows for a more ergonomic hand position, reducing fatigue and offering better control.

Additional Features

  • Removable battens on the trailing edge.
  • Slit windows for visibility without compromising canopy stiffness.


The 2024 Duotone Unit is a testament to Duotone's commitment to innovation and quality. With its range of features and attention to detail, it's a wing that both new and experienced riders will appreciate. Whether you're considering an upgrade or just starting out, the 2024 Duotone Unit Wing is absolutely worth a look!

27th Sep 2023 Aaron Johnson

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