2023 Cabrinha 03 wing Lineup!

2023 Cabrinha 03 wing Lineup!

Cabrinha 03 Wing Highlights with Tucker

Welcome back to MACkiteboarding. This is Tucker, and today I'm going to talk to you briefly about some of the exciting new products in the 2023 Cabrinha launch. I'm going to talk to you about three things I'm excited about as a winger and a foiler.

We're really amped for the 03 release because this is the first gear release since their new ownership with U.S.-based R&D. Testing is happening globally, of course, though a lot of it is happening here in the States. We're excited to see what new ideas and new flavors they've been able to come up with for us in the Cabrinha lineup.

2023 Mantis V3 Wing

The first thing I'm excited about is their new wing lineup. They've got three new wings. One is a continuation of the previous year, the Mantis. Like all their wings, it's going to be upgraded with their new hard handle system. The hard handle system has bushings on each end so you can adjust the pitch of the wing handle, as well as how far off it stands from the strut. I think most people will leave them set to standard with the bushings in, so the handles are level and set out further from the strut, but you can play with it and figure out what works best for you.

2023 Mantis Apex Wing

The second wing is the Mantis Apex. As the name suggests, it's based on the Mantis, but the "Apex" refers to the fact that it's using some next-level materials. It's got a new frame that's going to be stiffer and lighter, as well as have a reduced diameter for less drag and a more efficient wing. It also gives you a bit more top speed and more range to the wing. It's pretty cool, and if you don't mind paying the premium, that's going to be the hottest new ticket on the market, as far as Cabrinha wings go.

2023 Vision Wing

Last is the Vision wing, which is new for 2023. From what I can tell, it's loosely based on the Mantis wing. It's very similar in shape, though it's got a little more dihedral and a bit more twist in the wingtips. That gives it better ease-of-use and a bit more "pull-and-go" for a new rider who isn't so wave-focused. The Mantis is very good in the waves. The Vision is too, but if you want a more versatile, do-it-all wing, especially as a beginner to intermediate rider, the Vision is going to be an awesome choice for you.

MkII Foil System

Moving on from wings, the second thing I'm excited about is the MkII foil system. They're releasing a new set of Fusion foils, MkII, which has some new sizes. Primarily, those are getting a little sleeker and faster. They've also updated some of the other details just to make them a little more well-rounded and user-friendly.

They also have the MkII H Series wings, which are their high-aspect wings. These are for more aggressive riders looking for more top speed, glide, and range from their foils, and who can handle those sometimes more unruly higher-aspect foils. The MkII is offering some new sizing, as well as some refinements to add performance, primarily in turning, but also to give you new flavors to choose from. If you're using the H Series and want something in between two sizes that they offered last year, the MkII offering is going to allow you to do that, which is really cool.

Hollow Carbon Masts

Lastly, the Cabrinha carbon foil masts are really exciting for this year. They are hollow construction. Don't ask me what kind of voodoo they do to make that happen; maybe they use some sort of internal bladder when they're laminating it. But they're really stiff and sleek, and they're adding some new sizes this year: 74, 84 and 94cm. Last year they only had 70 and 80cm, which did the trick for most people but left a little room for improvement in terms of choices. 74-84-94 is a nice range for anybody doing just about anything you can imagine. With the stiffening of the mast and the quick profile, it's going to have premium performance for anyone that's looking for that.

I'll also mention the way the mast connects to the fuselage. In the past, they've used 3 M8 bolts through the bottom of the fuselage into the bottom of the mast. This year they're using two of those, and then one through the side, a horizontal bolt in the middle. That's going to tighten the connection between the mast and the fuselage and make it that much stiffer, tighter, and more intuitive when riding. That's a nice improvement, and it is backwards-compatible, which is awesome. If you want to use a new mast and an old wing, you're just going to use those two M8 bolts. If you want to drill it out, or if you have an old carbon mast, you can knock out that barrel nut and use that horizontal bolt. Going forward, you can use your old mast with the new wings; just put the 3 bolts up into the mast. So everything is forward and backward compatible, which is key to a successful ecosystem; you don't want to have to buy a completely new foil every year when you want new options, so it is pretty neat that Cabrinha is offering that and leveling up their performance and adding new options without abandoning those people who have already invested in the system.

This has been Tucker with MACkiteboarding with a brief overview on what I'm excited about with the new Cabrinha 03 launch. Watch for more in-depth reviews coming in the future.

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18th Jan 2023 Tucker Vantol

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