2019 Slingshot Hydrofoil Wings - Measurements and Practical Uses

2019 Slingshot Hydrofoil Wings - Measurements and Practical Uses

Let's Chat: 2019 Slingshot Hydrofoil Wings

2019 is an exciting year for hydro-foiling. The variety and abundance of choices in the current market are sure to have a product for every circumstance and budget. However, that also means that the dizzying confusion of product names, measurements, and uses makes choosing one a confounding affair. Slingshot, for instance, has two foil platforms for 2019 with a combined 10 wing choices.

Hover Glide Wings

The least expensive of the platforms is the Hover Glide. This platform has been in their lineup for a few years now and it has proven its versatility and durability with its aluminum construction and carbon wings. For 2019, complete foils that are available in this platform are FKite, FSurf, and FSUP. Now with 7 wing options starting at just $299, this platform allows for versatility and progression at one of the lowest prices on the market. Let's take a look at these options starting ranging from the lowest speed lift on up to the highest. If you are a numbers person, check out the chart at the bottom for a side by side comparison of the top models in hydrofoiling.

Infinity 84cm (H10)

The Infinity 84cm front wing is a welcome wing to the Slingshot family for heavy surfers and downwind SUP riders. Featured with the larger 48cm rear wing in the Slingshot FSUP foil package, this wing packs a whopping 2066 square centimeters of surface area for maximum lift at low speeds and effortless glide. Compared to other industry-leading hydrofoils, this one sits most closely to the Gofoil Maliko 200 in practice (see wing measurement chart for more comparison). Heavy riders looking to surf, medium weight downwind riders, and experienced heavier downwind riders will rejoice with this new offering.

2019 Slingshot HG Infinity 84cm Front Wing

Infinity 76cm (H11)

A long awaited addition and new favorite for everyone who has tried it.  The Slingshot Infinity 76cm foil has been winning hearts at record pace with its low speed lift had higher than expected top end speed. Hence, it's position as the wing for the new 2019 FSurf foil package.  Designed for surf hydrofoiling, the Infinity 76cm wing has great low speed lift for small waves, enough maneuverability to remain fun, and great top speed to keep your glide and beat the fastest sections with ease.  This wing has also been exceptionally popular with our freeride kiteboarders for lightly powered riding.  The growing contingent of freeride kite foilers love this wing for light winds, small kites, downwind swell riding, and growing their carving or footwork trick arsenals.  Wake foilers will appreciate this wing in the same way as surfers, it rides with ease in the smallest wake and keeps speed.  This wing makes any boat a great wake foiling boat.  Closest references in the market would include Gofoil Iwa, Cloud P27 Ghost Rider, Naish Thrust Surf XL, and Delta Mega Surf.

2019 Slingshot HG Infinity 76cm Front Wing

Gamma 68cm (H2)

A longtime staple in the Slingshot lineup, the Gamma 68cm wing, or H2 as it has previously been known, goes unchanged in design for 2019. Being thicker with a higher aspect ratio than similar wings, we have applauded the H2 for its great low end lift and speed range and that remains true. Although smaller in footprint than the Time Code 68cm and Space Skate 65cm, the Gamma produces more low speed lift due to its flatter profile and thick cord dimensions; Hence it position as #3 in the lineup as it results to lift produced. Originally designed for surf foil boarding, the Gamma wing has an astonishing wave size range. Therefore, makes a good do it all wing for average sized riders.Closest references in the market would include Gofoil Kai, Cloud S24 Sabre, Naish Thrust Surf L, and Delta Surf.

Slingshot HG Gamma Front Wing

Space Skate 65cm (H4)

Nope, this is NOT a new breed of Razor scooter or strange Loony Tunes/Michael Jordan movie. In fact, it's one of the most playful wings that you will find for hydro-foiling. The Space Skate 65cm wing has a dihedral "gull wing" shaped profile. This gull wing design allows the wing to quickly transition from edge to edge and bring the foil back under your feet after the turn is completed. This makes the foil feel bouncy and skateboard-like in its turns. Since this wing does not have a high top speed, it encourages that type of freeriding. Due to its popularity, the Space Skate has earned its spot as the front wing for the 2019 Slingshot FKite foil and paired with a new 28" mast for new foilers and the growing freeride group. This wing is unique in size and shape and it does not have many similar attributes to anything currently in the industry. It's best to ignore the surface area on this one as it rides roughly 20% smaller than it's measurements indicate and does have a relatively low top end speed due to its drag.

Time Code 68cm (H1)

The larger of the two Time Code wings and long promised but not delivered until this year, the Time Code 68cm wing is here to stay. Featuring the same magic aspect ratio and anhedral curve as the Time Code 65cm (H5) wing, this wing has a great speed range and phenomenal feel in turns. Larger riders will be stoked to have a moderate speed wing that can still generate some G-force in turns while smaller riders will love to have a moderately sized freeride wing for lightly powered riding. For surfers, this wing will be the magic step up for more powerful waves when your Infinity 76cm wing is just too large for the conditions. In the same way, kiters who prefer a larger freeride wing will appreciate this one, so they do not need to resort to flying 2-3m kites when the wind is howling. The closest references in the market would include Liquid Force Impulse, Cloud S24 Sabre, and Naish Thrust Surf M.

2019 Slingshot HG Time Code 68cm Front Wing

Time Code 57cm (H5)

The smaller of the two Time Code wings and beloved former Hover Glide NF2 wing, the Time Code 65cm offers a wide speed range for powered foiling. Fast enough for most mere mortals with the ability to ride with even moderate power, the Time Code 57cm wing is a great tried and true design. Most riders will remember its powerful turns and accessibility to higher powered riding. The closest references in the market would include North Speedster, Liquid Force Thruster, and Slingshot GW 2.0 101.

Slingshot Hover Glide Time Code 57 Wing

Warp Speed 65cm (H3)

As the smallest wing in the lineup with the highest aspect ratio, one would expect this wing to be the fastest...and that person would correct. The Warp Speed 65cm wing packs a lot of speedy punch for its price, rivaling carbon foils priced at two to three times higher. This wing, along with a bit of extra skill and practice, can put your rich friends in their money-loving place from time to time. While not quite as fast as some of the purpose-built race foils, the extra bit of stability will help you nail that buoy tack while they scramble to their board after falling. This wing is also a great wing to start the big air foil game on a budget. While a bit heavier than other options, it will give you the speed necessary to test the waters and up your foil jumping game. The closest references in the market would include North Speedster GT, Liquid Force Happy, and Slingshot GW 2.0 101.

2019 Slingshot HG Warp Speed Front Wing

Ghost Whisper 2.0 Foils

Slingshot's carbon answer to high-performance riding demands has been updated for 2019. Named after their mast lengths, the GW 2.0 foils are designed and produced by Moses Hydrofoils who are known for their speedy designs and race results. Their class leading high modulus carbon construction provides the rigidity and finish quality that high-end riders and pros appreciate. Unfortunately, these are not compatible with older model Ghost Whisper foils.

GW 2.0 91 - 633 front wing and 483 rear

91, referring to the 91cm mast that this foil possesses, the new Slingshot GW 2.0 91 is a freerider's dream. With a new lower aspect wing, this step up and more refined brother to the Hover Glide FKite, is ready to draw squiggly lines like you favorite two-year-old artist. It's lighter weight allows for even faster directional changes while its gull wing dihedral design flows back under your feet after the G-force subsides.

2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 91 Foil

GW 2.0 101 - 590 front wing and 330 rear

Fred Hope is the 18-year-old phenom that you have seen carving, flipping, and blowing minds for the past couple years. The Slingshot GW 2.0 101 is his high modulus carbon Go-To. While this foil is certainly capable of providing lift for the world's best, it is also quite accessible for the average Joe. If you can confidently ride a lower aspect foil and are aching for a faster, more aggressive ride, the 101cm is a great way to leave your beer league race friends in the dust or up the ante on your favorite tricks with some more speed.

2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 Foil

GW 2.0 111 - 637 front wing and 420 rear

For those with a need for speed and some previous experience, the 2019 Slingshot GW 2.0 111 is an absolute face melter. One of the fastest production foils on the market, capable of speeds up to twice as fast as most foils (42 mph), this Ghost is not for the faint-hearted. This one is meant for riding with lots of power, in a straight line. When it gets below 20mph or so it becomes very unstable and twitchy, so keep that pedal to the metal. The 111cm (43.7 inches) allows for large angle hiking (lean) to counter that extra kite power and helps it rise above waves an chop more easily.

2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 111 Foil

If you have any questions about which choice might be best for your situation, as always, feel free to call us at 800.622.4655, jump on our  secure online chat or email us at kiteboarder@mackite.com.

Measurements for 2019 hydrofoil wings including surface area, wing span, and aspect ratio

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