2016 Liquid Force Foilboard at 2015 Surf Expo

2016 Liquid Force Foilboard at 2015 Surf Expo

2016 Liquid Force Foilboard at 2015 Surf Expo

Gary Siskar talks The Kiteboarder Magazine through Liquid Force's lineup of 2016 foilboarding products. 

As a recap of the 2015 foilboard, the Liquid Force Foil Fish, was the first foil "for the people". Easy to learn, ride, expansive, and affordable donned the characteristics of this 2015 foil. Check out Siskar's overview of the latest foilboarding gear.

2015/16 LF Foil Fish

A continuation from their successful predecessor, this progeny still creates an affordable price point for new riders while maintaining excellent quality. The low aspect wings help accelerate lightwind riding as well as create a forgiving board. Backed with their molded aluminum mast and fuselage with their low aspect glass wings, the Foil Fish is one that is perfect for a wide variety of riders.

2016 LF Rocket Fish

Seeing similar construction to the Foil Fish, the Rocket Fish is constructed with a compression molded board and the ability to ride without the mast - strap on some fins and you're ready to ride. The board is extremely durable and is able to take a fair amount of abuse on the beach and on the water. A new addition for the Rocket Fish is the three strap option. For beginners, the center straps are great. However, for the more advanced, you can upgrade to a three strap. 

The Rocket Fish mast has a new profile, with an extension to the cord length creating more stability due to an increase in surface area. The mast on the Rocket is thinner, allowing the board to be faster while maintaining efficiency. 

The mounting system on the Rocket is different than that of the Foil Fish. Included is a new, two-track system, making installation of your foil a breeze. Another major benefit of the new track system is being able to position the foil forward or backward along the board which can adjust your ride a little further. 

The fuselage for the Rocket Fish is longer which decreases the chance of wobbliness throughout the ride. The wings also have two positions in which they can sit. Choose from shorter or from the more dynamic, longer length. The longer length creates a "sloppier" rider, meaning you don't need to focus primarily on your front foot. You'll see better handling with speed with the longer wing length, but riders will also notice the slower turning due to that extra length. The profile on the wings is similar to that of the Foil Fish, but is actually created with an injected polymer. 

The Rocket Fish is great for anyone looking to learn while being able to still freestyle easily.

2016 LF Happy Foil

The Happy Foil is the board for intermediate to advanced rider. The Happy board is constructed out of a durable mold, starting with an EPS Core and "secret" sandwich wrap. The board is about 3.5kg, which is incredibly light. Similar to the Rocket, the Happy is a dual purpose board. One moment you can foil, the next you can surf. Also similar is the three strap option available and the full EVA Deck Pad. 

The Happy has a track system much like the Rocket Foil. Also similar is the longer cord length mast and the thinner profile. The fuselage is very similar to the Rocket as well, with adjustable wing positions and a longer length.

The biggest difference about the Happy Foil? The large, curved medium-aspect wings. This means that the medium-aspect wing will be able to hold more speed. You'll also be able to launch rather easily, but to newer riders it will be a bit of a challenge. The wing design allows the Happy to be stable as well. The rear wing has a slightly smaller surface area than the other foils in Liquid Force's line up, mainly for tracking, stability, and ease to transitions. 

Liquid Force's Carbon Fuselage

For those looking to have a lighter ride, Liquid Force has created a molded carbon fuselage. The piece is approximately one-third the weight of the aluminum models. Combined with the longer length and the ability to reposition the wings, the carbon fuselage is compatible with all models of LF's lineup.

Not sure how to foil but would like to learn? Siskar and Sensi Graves has created a three part tutorial system all about learning to foil. 

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16th Sep 2015 Angela Sorensen

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