Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package

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  • Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package
  • Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package
  • Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package
  • Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package
  • Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package
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Light Weight Rider Welcome 2 Wing Foil Package


  • 2022 Cabrinha Macro Air Wing Foilboard - B-Grade
  • Cabrinha H-Series 1200 or Fusion 1300 Foil
  • 90cm Mast
  • 2022 Cabrinha 02 X3 Wing
Sizing Chart for Wing Packages (winds 15 knots and up)
Easiest progression Your weight in KG +40 = Liters Ex. 95kg + 40 = 135L
Keep it for the long haul Your weight in KG +10 = Liters Ex. 95kg +10 = 105L
Beginners Weight in lbs, add a 0 = cmsq Ex. 200lbs = 2000 cmsq
Experienced foilers Weight in lbs, add a 0, subtract 300 Ex. (200lbs x 10) - 300 = 1700 cmsq
Beginners go BIG! <120lbs = 4m 120-160lbs = 5m 160-190lbs = 6m 190-210lbs = 7m >210lbs = 8m

What board size is right for you?

One question on every new winger’s mind is how many liters do I need in my wing board? Will it float me? Can I get away with a smaller size? Can I get one board to learn on that is small enough that I will never want to upgrade? The below chart provides a general framework for sizing your board based on weight and experience.

For more information, make sure to check out the two blog posts below:

Will it Float? A Beginner's Perspective on Wing Foil Board Size

What Size Wing Foil Board is Right For You?

Which wing size is right for you?

As a general rule, a rider under 150 pounds should start with a wing around 4 square meters. For riders over that weight, a 5 meter wing will be a better place to start. This is very much an average - if you're riding in lighter winds or want more power, you'll want to go with a larger wing. If you're a light weight rider or winging in high winds, you'll want to go with something smaller. 

If this is your second wing and you are looking for consistent, high performance across the whole wind range, it's smart to separate your wings by 1M increments for most models. That will ensure you are going to have a wing that is properly powered no matter what the wind is reading.

Perhaps you are looking to make each wing maximize its wind range, then a 2m gap works well until you get below 4m. At that point, you'll want to go to 1m gaps due to the exponential power of wind at higher speeds. Using this method, you'll have times where you are overpowered or underpowered at times depending on the range of wind and the sail you chose but it will help you maximize your range using fewer wings.

For more information check out these blogs from our Knowledge Center below:

Wing Sizing Broken Down: Which Wing Size and Model Is Right for Me?

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Wing Foiling Hand Wing

Which Foil Is Right For You: X1600 or X1950?

*recommendations are based off learning in 18kts or more


Detailed Package Overview

Wing Board Model and Specs

Cabrinha Macro Air - B-Grade

B-Grade: The B-Grade rating on this board is due to the fact that the foil boxes needed to be re-sealed and bolted. They've been factory tested and carry a full 1-year manufacturer warranty.


*Remember: inflatables carry more volume so beginners should purchase 25-40L larger than they would in a hard board for appropriate stability and low wind performance.
With a name like "Macro Air", you might be having flashbacks to some Johnny Tsunami method grabbing jumps over condescending ski bro's. Thankfully, this Macro Air is comming with less cringy energy for new wingers, world travelers, zero maintenance freaks, and micro home/apartment/van/boat dwellers.  The Cabrinha Macro Air takes a lot of the frustration and difficulty out of owning a foil board with compact storage/travel, light weight, bomb-proof durability, and impressive inflatable performance. Bonus braddas (insert shakka)... you can also use a single longboard fin in the center finbox for wing surfing.


  • Synthesis Foil Mount to fuse top & bottom
  • Exceptionally lightweight design
  • Rapid airflow valve system for quick inflation and pack down
  • Tuff-Tex drop stitch construction
  • Strategic foil rocker for safe touch downs
  • Streamlined bottom carry handle
  • 3 or 2 strap insert configuration
  • Direct connect rear inserts for ultimate in response & control
  • Top and bottom centre laminate reinforcements
  • Double wall construction
  • Ultra compact pack down and travel
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
  • Central fin box for optional foilless learning
  • High volume to size ratio

**Included with the board: m8 T nuts, full deck pad, repair kit, high pressure pump, carry bag (NOTE: straps sold separately).**



Foil Details and Specs

Cabrinha X-Series Fusion Foil 

  • X:Series Front Wing of your choice
  • Fusion Hybrid 70cm Base Kit (alloy mast, top plate, hardware, fuselage, & tools)
  • Fusion X:Series 220 or 300 Rear Stabilizer


  • Increased stiffness between components
  • increased efficiency and lift
  • integrated fuselage with conical fit
  • EPS full prepreg carbon construction

Wing Details and Specs

2022 Cabrinha Crosswing X3 Wing

Already into its 3rd iteration, the Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and on-demand power.

Detailed work has been done by Cabrinha's R&D team into the wing profile and new radial canopy panel layout to achieve our most high-performing and reactive wing to date.

Through an increased leading edge diameter with load distributing center section construction, we have created an exceptionally stiff framework, which is further enhanced by the X3's innovative double strut. This framework gives the rider the ultimate feeling in efficiency and performance both in the lighter winds, where pumping and efficiency is required, and also in higher winds where stability and control are greatly increased.

Strategic window placements with the combination of the double strut, allow for a wide field of view.

Whether you are boosting to new heights or simply relaxing into your ride, take advantage of all of the X3's new cutting edge technical attributes.


Leading edge inflatable dihedral with powerful profile and "ultra rigid double strut"


    • NEW: Ergonomic widespan handle layout for micro adjustment/trim
    • NEW: Increased LE diameter with load distributing center section for improved stiffness & canopy tension
    • NEW: improved low end
    • NEW: HD large diameter closing seam construction
    • NEW: Improved balance, linear power delivery and upwind drive
    • NEW: Ultra rigid flared Double Strut for aerofoil support and improved response
    • NEW: Radial canopy layout for improved response and stiffness
    • High tenacity dacron LE
    • Sprint inflate valve
    • Nano tech ripstop
    • Safety wrist leash included
    • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement
    • Harness line attachment points

2021 Cabrinha X3 Wing

2021 Cabrinha X3 Wing

2021 Cabrinha X3 Wing

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