F-One "That's My Jam" Downwind & Light Wind Package

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  • F-One "That's My Jam" Downwind & Light Wind Package
  • F-One "That's My Jam" Downwind & Light Wind Package


F-One "That's My Jam" DW/LW Package

What's Included:

  • F-One JAM 1900 Foil
  • Choice Of F-One Aluminum or Carbon Mast Pack
  • Choice Of Size F-One Rocket Bamboo SUP Downwind PRO Board
  • FREE Manera SUP Downwind Bag

F-One JAM 1900 Foil

The JAM has been designed for dock start and pump foil. With its substantial surface area and aspect ratio of 10, this foil brings infinite glide, incredible lift, early and easy take-offs, and an astounding level of efficiency.

  • Exceptional for dock starts and pump foiling
  • Aspect Ratio: 10
  • Infinite glide and outstanding efficiency
  • Easy and fast take-offs
  • Effective at low speeds and has the potential to accelerate on demand

F-One Rocket Bamboo SUP Downwind PRO

Experience the stoke and freedom of downwinders with F-ONE’s ROCKET SUP DW PRO board. Thanks to its optimized sleek design and ultra-light bamboo construction, get up on your foil faster than ever and experience the pure bliss of flying above the swell for hours on end.

  • Incredibly efficient and fast take-offs
  • Superb stability at all times
  • Immense glide and speed
  • Controlled front/back leg balance
  • Control and maneuverability even at high speeds

F-One Aluminum Mast

The F-ONE aluminum mast can be used for all disciplines: kite, surf foil, wing foil, SUP foil and windfoil. The profile is extruded with precision from 6063 aluminum block.

The shape of its section benefits from our years of experience in kite foiling to provide the best gliding feel while keeping the strength up and the weight down. It comes with two stainless steel helicoil inserts at the bottom and at the top to fasten the connecting parts and is therefore fully modular.

The aluminum mast can be used on every foil of the range, and it is very easy to jump from one length to another

Titan Mast Foot


The TITAN mast foot is the connecting part that makes the F-ONE aluminum masts compatible with all TITAN fuselages and wings. It is made of superior-grade aluminum 6061, CNC machined with high precision and fully anodized. To install the TITAN mast foot, it should be inserted into the bottom end of the aluminum mast and fastened with two M6x25mm tapered head screws.

Mast Top Plate


The Mast Top Plate enables to connect the F-ONE aluminium masts to all boards featuring a twin track system (the lateral spacing between the tracks must be 90mm). It is made of aluminium 6061, CNC machined with high precision and fully anodized.
To connect the Mast Top Plate to the mast, slide the mast into the sleeve of the Top Plate and fasten using two M6x25mm tapered head screws. To connect the plate to the board, slide the F-ONE T-nuts into the tracks and fasten the plate using M6 tapered head screws. (25mm for bamboo and carbon bamboo boards – 16mm for Topsheet construction boards).

F-One Carbon Mast 16mm

Accessible, reliable and ultra-stiff, the F-ONE Carbon Mast 16 will bring instant feedback and direct sensations while foiling.

  • 16mm profile
  • High rigidity for a more direct feel
  • Full Monobloc construction
  • Immediate feedback and connection

The Carbon Mast 16mm thick is intrinsically very stiff and offers the best compromise between rigidity, glide, and accessibility. It features both an integrated top plate and TITAN mast foot at the bottom. This full Monobloc construction brings absolute rigidity and helps reduce drag to a minimum, leading to easier starts and the utmost connection between the foil and the board. Every small steering and input will immediately translate down to the foil, and the feedback will be just as direct. The mast is in one piece and built in carbon pre-preg, all molded and cured in one shot. Our SPINE internal structure ensures the best rigidity and control while riding. The layers of carbon fibers have been carefully distributed at 0° lengthwise to optimize stiffness in bending and at about 45° to optimize stiffness in torsion. Our specific layup leads to the best compromise between bending and torsional stiffness, allowing you to fully stay in control and comfortable in all situations and at high speeds. This mast can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the Twin-Tracks system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the TITAN connection slot. Available in 80cm and 85cm, this mast is perfect for surf and wing foiling, and will truly set itself apart in surf with its top precision and top-of-the-range performance in all conditions. The 80cm is our newest size and was developed specifically for surf foiling, offering better pumping abilities and reducing undesirable breaching of the wingtips on the waves. Take your foiling up a notch with the F-ONE Carbon Mast 16, an outstanding and efficient mast that offers the most direct feeling, easy turns, excellent maneuvering, and effective pumping.

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