Buying Used Gear with MACkite

Buying Used Gear with MACkite

Tucker with his favorite kiteboarding gear!For all of you penny-pinching warriors, MACkite has set up the chance for you to save on some of the latest kiteboarding kites and gear. We love trying out all of our equipment to understand the ins and outs of the kite, board, or harness. Not only does it help us see the pros and cons of each piece, it also helps us keep you knowledgeable about the latest products. After we’re all set trying out some wicked product, we place it up for sale on our site. But, we don’t only just upload the product - we check each and every product we have used, before it reaches your door.

For kites, we implement a 24-point/24-hour inspection. We inflate the kite and constantly check up on it throughout the day. We check for leaks, tears, or rips within the linings as well as structural integrity of the kite itself. Approximately 95% of our kites we test are in excellent condition. When there is an issue, we discount the kite accordingly, and we always tell you what may be an issue. For all kites we sell, including new ones, we recommend that the customer opens and inflates the kite before use, to check for any hidden leaks; if there are secret holes or tears, we can work with you to refund or exchange your kite. For kites, we have a special classification system to document the condition of the kite and any issues that it may have.

Used Gear Rating Chart

Every kite has been graded to provide you with an overall score of its condition
A+   Opened but never flown, like new
A   Great condition, no repairs, still crispy
A-   Great condition, bladder replacement by professional (Airtime)
B+   Good condition, small repair by professional, faded
B   Good condition, large repair by professional, no longer crispy
B-   Faded and repaired by professional
C   In need of repair


Considering our team uses all gear in Michigan, where there is perfectly soft, sandy beaches and freshwater, our used kites do not get easily damaged or get worn out as quickly. Used kites are a great way to get started on kiteboarding, or to add to your quiver. At MACkite, you won’t have to worry about shifty-looking dealers trying to provide you with smoke and mirrors trying to sell you a kite. We let you know what is happening with the kite before you click the purchase button. We have maintained excellent quality in all of our equipment for many years, and we would never lead you astray. If you have any questions about used kites or gear, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 622-4655.