2024 Evo D/LAB - Duotone Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2024 Evo D/LAB - Duotone Kiteboarding Kite
$2,590.00 - $3,190.00


All-Around Kite: Freeride/Freestyle/Wave

Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

What's Included:

Kite, Kite Storage Bag, Extra Parts Kit

2023-24 Evo D/Lab

If you have flown an Evo, you know how good it is. Add D/Lab tech to this kite and take yourself to another level!

D/Lab is the latest in tech construction and design for those who want to push their kiting to the highest performance level. Trust us. It's that good.

The new Evo D/LAB offers the ultimate in freeride kitesurfing with never-previously experienced performance in a huge range of conditions with incredible low-end power and total control.


  • The Performance All-Rounder: Easy to access high performance no matter your riding style, great for big air, freeride, hooked freestyle, and playing in the waves.
  • Lift and Hangtime: The Evo D/Lab is set to stun you when you take to the skies; the huge lift will send you to the moon and keep you there longer than you ever thought possible.
  • Wind Range: The Evo D/Lab is up to 30% lighter than the standard version; this enables it to have incredible light wind performance with tremendous low-end power. Thanks to the shape and stiffness of the frame, the kite is also incredibly stable at the top of the wind range.
  • D/Lab Construction: This helps reduce the kite's overall weight by up to 30% and improves performance by making the frame stiffer. In addition, materials like Aluula and Trinity TX make the kite exceedingly light while offering excellent durability.
  • Total Control: The refined handling and dynamic depower give you total control at all times; you have a massive amount of power at your fingertips with full depower the instant you need it.
  • Pulley-Less Bridle System: Offers a more dynamic and direct feel to the kite and a longer-lasting and more durable bridle for harsh use.



SIZE 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
WINDRANGE 17-39 15-37 13-35 11-33 10-30 9-28 8-26
REC. LINE LENGTH 22 22 22 22 24 24 24
WEIGHT (KG) 2.059 2.199 2.327 2.485 2.633 2.754 2.888


The Evo D/LAB presents a significant performance upgrade from Duotone's flagship kite model. Featuring a new Aluula frame construction, it boasts unparalleled durability alongside substantial performance enhancements.

This lightweight design, reducing overall weight by up to 30% compared to standard kites, enables the Evo D/LAB to excel in light winds, ideal for foiling or light wind freeride. As wind intensity rises, the kite demonstrates exceptional performance for tricks and jumps, providing an exhilarating experience.

Enhanced handling, facilitated by the reduced weight and stiffness of the Aluula material, combined with the pulley-less bridle, ensures a dynamic ride with impressive acceleration. The kite responds instantly to bar inputs, offering powerful loops and remarkable upstroke reaction.

With remarkable hangtime and precise control, the Evo D/LAB provides an unmatched on-water experience, allowing you to maintain kite position in the wind window at all times. Experience the immense power at your fingertips, with full depower readily available when needed.

Representing the pinnacle of technology and design, the all-new Evo D/LAB delivers unparalleled performance that will leave you in awe. Take it for a ride, experience its capabilities firsthand, and see if you can resist its allure.


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1 Review

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    One of the Best

    Posted by Jake V - MACkite on 22nd Mar 2024

    Evo Dlab is one of my favorite kites to fly. Fast turning, big jumps, and direct bar feel. User-friendly enough for a beginner yet has performance any intermediate or advanced rider will love. D/Lab is like the cherry on top of an Evo sunday!

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