2024 Duotone Juice D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2024 Duotone Juice D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite
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2024 Duotone Juice D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite


Sizes: 14m / 15m / 17m

The Juice D/LAB took the world by storm last year, the most advanced freeride kite on the market. Unrivalled in light wind performance, it enabled riders to experience insane feelings in the softest of breezes. This is the kite that can do the impossible.


  • Unmatched low end performance
  • Superb upwind ability
  • Incredible floaty hangtime
  • Huge amount of power and absolute depower
  • Incredibly responsive turning with precise bar feedback

Tech Specs:

  • Aluula Gold  
  • Trinity TX
  • CO2 Compensated

Size Chart

Size 14 15 17
LW Freeride (10-18 Knots) 55-70 KG 71-85 KG >85 KG
Foil (8-15 Knots) 55-70 KG 71-85 KG >85 KG
Weight Without Bag (KG) 2.97 3.07 3.35


The Juice D/LAB is the benchmark in light wind kitesurfing. Delivering unrivalled performance on days when you would usually be stuck on the beach. Perfect for freeride, foiling and boosting, the Juice D/LAB packs insane amounts of performance into every session. Riding upwind in no wind has never felt so easy or assured, enabling you to avoid mowing the lawn on lighter days and instead get on the water and charge as hard as you can. Boosting on the Juice D/LAB is an experience like no other; with incredible power on take-off and ethereal float and hangtime, you'll feel like you are having an out-of-body experience on the water. You won't believe how high and far you can go when the trees barely move and everyone else is on the beach waiting for the wind to come. Thanks to the D/LAB construction and Aluula fabric, the handling is incredibly responsive and dynamic; no longer will a light wind session feel like you are driving a truck; you'll have a thoroughbred fun machine at your fingertips! The control is incredible, with total depower available in an instant and impressive handling even when the kite is overpowered. The range of the Juice D/LAB is what sets it apart, unrivalled at the low end and total confidence at the top end, now available in sizes 14, 15 and 17! If you want to kite more than anyone else this summer, the Juice D/LAB will make the impossible possible and get you more time on the water than ever before!




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