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Travel, Surf, & Day Bags

Kiteboarding bags are designed for all different aspects of kiteboarding, and come in many different fashions. The day bags are great for those riders who like to always travel with their kiteboarding gear in the event they can score that fortuitous session. Typically fitting a single kiteboard, they help protect from scratches and dings incurred in both transportation and dropping, reduce sun damage, and lend themselves to easy board carrying. I from time to time even sneak by a harness in the bag as well. Golf bags are ideal for travelers, and those who like to centralize their gear. The term "golf bag" refers to the look of the bag, designed to take advantage of airlines that give deals on checked sports baggage (often golf clubs). Often times golf bags are large enough to fit two boards, two to three kites, the bar and lines, a pump, and a harness. Aggregating all your gear makes travel far easier! Compression bags were created to help reduce the size of your kites. These drawstring bags can significantly reduce the size of your kite, eliminating much of the superfluous space found in stock kiteboarding bags.