Manera Day Bag Surf

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Manera Day Bag Surf


  • 5'3 - 163X53cm
  • 5'6 - 175X54cm
  • 6'0 - 188X58cm
  • 6'5 - 200X60cm
  • 7'2 - 220X66cm


Well adapted to the compact modern shapes, it features a sleeve velcro closure and high protective foam.


Polyester 600D
Our bags are built in premium Polyester 600D, this is a choc, tearing, UV and water resistant material.

Sleeve Velcro Closure
Our Daybags now feature a Velcro closure located near the board’s tail. This folding sleeve Velcro closure is durable, convenient, and simple to care for.

Velcro Pocket
This large outside pocket closing with a Velcro strap allows you to store all your board’s essentials, whether it’s wax, fins, or screws and nuts.

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