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The 2018 North Vegas

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

Are you thinking about stepping up your freestyle/wakestyle game? Maybe you're looking for a mega-looping machine? Something with the most direct steering, explosive lift, and mad pop? Look no further, amigos—it's Vegas time.

The North Vegas is a kite that will blow your mind—just be sure you're ready for it. While the performance capability is unquestionable, the level of forgiveness is also a bit less. Meaning that you will have to actively fly this kite to get the most out of it. It's not a "park and ride" kite, like the Rebel or Evo. The wind-range, relaunch ability, and low-end power will be noticeably less with the Vegas. If I want the power of a 12m, I'd go with a Vegas 13m. If I want easy relaunch, I'm going to need to learn how to use the 5th line. I'm also going to be using my board to edge hard in the gusts to help depower the kite.

With that said, however, all of those adjustments are not a big deal in contrast to what you can potentially get out of the North Vegas. When I first started riding this kite, I was blown away by the unhooked performance. I remember learning basic unhooked tricks and how the kite seemed to develop power out of nowhere. I'd trim the kite a little, unhook, load up, and not expect much pop—then bam! I'd be plenty juiced!

It's true—the North Vegas is not the best kite for everyone. But if you've read this and are still captured by this stunning temptress—just give us a call!

Thank you, and good winds,