Wind Alerts and Mini Vans

Wind Alerts and Mini Vans

As I'm sure that you already know - kiteboarders are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Unless you live in a place where the trade winds blow like clockwork, you probably have to try your best to arrange your schedule so that you can get to the water when the wind is on. This is one of the biggest challenges for new and experienced riders alike, but don't worry, I have some tips for you.

First - find a way to ALWAYS have your kiteboard gear with you at all times. OK, stop laughing. If you're remotely serious about learning or progressing with kiteboarding, you need to find a way to keep your gear with you so that you can ride when it's on. The wind can be very fickle in some areas, and you may only have a couple of hours of rideable wind to use. If you have to run home to get your gear and then head back to the beach, you are stacking the deck against yourself. If you already live on the beach or very close to it - you probably don't have to worry about this part.

Kiteboarding on a windy daySecond - get yourself a yearly "Wind Alert" subscription from a site like This way, you'll always know when the wind is blowing; and more importantly, when it's rideable wind. You can set up your notifications to alert you of any given wind direction, strength, average speed and alert interval at many spots around the world. If you only rely on your local marine forecasts, you're blowing it. They're not always accurate. There are many times when the forecast looks solid, you schedule accordingly, only to show up and get skunked. On the other hand there are many time when the forecast looks weak, so you don't plan on riding that day, only to find out later that the wind was on, and your friends were out there ripping without you. The Wind Alert service from will pay for itself in stoke points alone, my friend.

What is the one thing that most wind junkies are always after? More ride time. These are two, very simple tips that will definitely help you to ride more and more. What happens when you ride more? You're stoked more. And when you're stoked more, people around you will get stoked more from your good vibes alone. And when more people are spreading positive vibes, the whole damn world spins a little better.

Cheers and good winds!

Age: 42
Weight: 185lbs.
Riding: 12 years
Gear: 2013 Cabrinha Switchblades, Custom 140cm and an S-Quad