Wake Thief Complete Foilboard Package

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  • Wake Thief
  • Wake Thief Complete Foilboard Package
  • Wake Thief Complete Foilboard Package
  • Wake Thief Complete Foilboard Package
  • Axis Wake Thief 1150 PNG Complete Foil Kit
  • AXIS Wake Thief Edition Complete Foil - Front Wing
  • AXIS Wake Thief Edition Complete Foil - Close up view
  • AXIS Wake Thief Edition Complete Foil - on water
  • AXIS Wake Thief Edition Complete Foil - action
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Wake Thief Complete Foilboard Package

Package Includes:

  • Axis 1150 PNG Front Wing
  • Axis Flat Pump 460/60 Rear Wing
  • Axis Red Short 680mm Fuselage
  • Axis Fuselage to 19mm Mast Adapter Doodad
  • Axis Aluminum 19mm Mast-750mm
  • Axis Aluminum 19mm Base Plate
  • Axis Screws/TefGel
  • Slingshot Dwarf Craft 120

About AXIS Wake Thief Foil:

AXIS Wake Thief FoilFlying above the water on a hydrofoil is an experience like no other. In the Spring of 2020, Devon @WakeThief discovered the AXIS PNG 1150 Carbon Front Wing, the largest area, high aspect ratio surf hydrofoil he could find. The AXIS PNG 1150 helped to double Devon's flat water pumping distance, and enable 2.5 minutes of unassisted flight on a hydrofoil. This experience kicked off his journey to fly forever on a hydrofoil. He turned his lake front into a test facility, and began an effort to tune his AXIS setup for lake hydrofoiling. He paired the 1150 with different rear wings, fuselages, and masts, before arriving at his preferred setup. The Wake Thief Edition is Devon's "go-to-setup" to dock start, surf the tiniest wakes, and pump around the lake to create an endless wave comprised of the wakes on the lake.

The front wing of the hydrofoil is the most important factor when setting up your hydrofoil, as the lift, drag and thrust are affected most by the front wing selection. Devon has tried more than 30 different hydrofoils and likes the AXIS PNG 1150 front wing because of its large area, which allows a rider to take off at low speeds, and it's high aspect ratio wing shape, which allows it to glide great distances due to its low drag. This is a unique and rare combination. The large area and high aspect ratio, combined with an effective lifting foil cross section makes this wing great at pumping long distances, even for large riders.

The mast connects the board of the foil to the glider section. The AXIS Aluminum 750mm mast is long enough to fly above passing wakes, yet short enough to maintain control of the foil. The thicker, 19mm mast is Devon's mast of choice, due to its rigidity and stiffness needed to manage the wingtip loads of the large wingspan 1150 front wing.

The fuselage connects the front wing to the rear wing, and changes the pitch control of the foil. Devon prefers the Short fuselage. This fuselage length is well tuned to the pumping cadence and speed needed for long distance pumping, yet it's still short enough to enjoy fluid & controlled carving. Devon also likes the Standard fuselage for pumping alone, but prefers the shorter fuselage as his all-around preferred fuselage.

The rear wing helps control pitch and also provides thrust during pumping. Devon favors the AXIS 460mm Carbon Rear Wing because of its thin cross section, relatively large area, and its high aspect ratio, low drag shape. The 460 provides both excellent thrust during pumping and low drag while flying, which helps reduce the overall pumping power needed.

When the Wake Thief Edition is paired with a shorter, low volume board, the energy needed to pump the foil is reduced because the shorter, lighter boards experience less inertia ("swing weight") while pumping, as compared to larger boards.

About Slingshot Dwarf Craft Foilboard:

Slingshot Dwarf Craft FoilboardDETAILS

Smaller, Lighter, and more bad-ass than ever before. The all new Dwarf Craft 100 is the smallest foil board Slingshot has ever produced.

Boasting an all new state-of-the-art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. With the decreased size and weight Slingshot has increased the board's responsiveness, agility, and direct feeling. Slingshot has also maximized the board's nose rocker to help the touch and go performance of this new shorter profile.

For riders wanting the pinnacle of foil board carving, leverage and control for pumping, and the ultimate ease of travel, the Dwarf Craft 100 should be in your future.


  • All new lay-up makes the Dwarf Craft 100 one of the lightest foil boards Slingshot has ever produced.
  • The shortest foil board Slingshot has ever made results in more control, leverage, and packability
  • Adjustable track mount makes mounting all wings and all foils super easy and perfectly balanced
  • Super Soft Corduroy EVA deck pad is the perfect blend of comfort and grip

2021 Slingshot Dwarf Craft 100 FoilboardPACKAGE INCLUDES

  • Board
  • pedestal mounting hardware

 2021 Slingshot Dwarf Craft 100 Foilboard


  1. Concave Deck: Concave provides increased turning sensitivity and response and allows for more dynamic heel-toe performance. Also helps with proper foot placement once you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is.

  2. Adjustable Track Foil Mount: Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune and balance your setup regardless of your size, ability or foil.

  3. Beveled Rails: Aids in earlier release from the water. Makes a big difference when you're leaning into a carve or edging hard up wind. Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.

  4. Multiple Insert Options: Ride however you want. With multiple insert options you can ride whatever configuration you like. Whether its 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, no straps, 2 hooks, 1 hook, or no hooks, you can make the choice.

  5. Corduroy EVA Deck Pad: This full coverage EVA deck pad is the perfect blend of comfort and traction. Its super soft on your feet yet super grippy, ensuring there are no slips, no slides, and no slices.

  6. Nose Leash Plug: Added for convenience. Whether you are body dragging, swimming in after the wind has died, or trying to relaunch your kite, this new leash plug helps you keep your board next to you when you need it most.


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