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Ultimate SUP Wing Foil package

This package has been created by our team to get you started Wing Foiling or SUP foiling with the right gear at a great price.  This particular package will set you up with the right gear to progress quickly without the need for an upgrade.  We have curated our most popular gear for maximum fun, performance, and ease of use. Feel free to call us with any questions about which choices might be best for you.

Built to be the ultimate entry into Wing Foiling, our Ultimate Wing Foil Package (creative naming, I know) features some of our staff favorites and proven products for the discerning rider who is ready to save money and progress quickly. The Starboard Hyper Foil board is offered in two sizes to fit most riders and two constructions to suit your needs or wants. The Starboard Hyper is a great, efficient shape that boosts ideal stability and efficiency for learning and progressing quickly. It is also a superstar in light winds. Since it has the unique option to use either Deep Tuttle foils or plate mount foils, the Gofoil system is a natural fit being that their system adapts to both. Select a 24.5" with additional adapter and you can use it as a 24.5" mast in the deep Tuttle box or with the plate adapter in the tracks for a 27.5" mast. Same for the 29.5" which can adapt to the 31.5" length using the plate adapter. Most of the foil options include multiple wings at a seriously discounted price to give you the correct foil wing for every situation and maximize the range of your hand kite. The Ozone Wasp has been our best selling wing foil since it came to the market. It boasts a great wind range, comfortable handles, Y straps, durable construction, and versatile design that will have you smiling no matter how you decide to use it. If you are on the fence about a size, we suggest you jump up to the larger size because "More power is more better". These wings have a huge upward wind range and more power is easier and more fun. Especially with respect to learning.

Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing


SIZES: 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m


The WASP is a Kite Wing that crosses easily from water, land or snow. It offers easy power for anything that rolls, slides, planes or glides. Use it with your Skateboard, Mountain Board, Skis, Snowboard, SUP, Windsurf or Foil board. Simple, quick and a whole load of fun!

We concentrated on making the WASP easy to fly and handle. The large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The enlarged strut provides direct angle of attack control, as flex is minimal offering a solid and controlled feeling.

We kept the aspect ratio low to have a wing that has grunt and to keep the tips from catching the water. The wing tips have a layer of scuff protection for riding on snow or land, although it is best to keep the wing off the ground! 

Multiple Power Handles on the Leading Edge and Strut have been positioned to cover many options, providing maximum control and comfort while riding. The streamline De-Power Handle at the front of the Leading Edge completely de-powers the wing for total control when carving downwind in swell or when carrying the wing.

On the water the WASP has been developed riding SUP, Windsurf and Foil boards. The simple nature of the wing makes it suitable for riding any board that has enough volume to support your weight on the water. In strong wind conditions and with developed skills it is also possible to ride with smaller volume hydrofoil boards.

On the land or snow minimal wind is required to harness the natural energy to enjoy a different feeling of propulsion.

  • Kite Wing for the water, land or snow
  • Easy to fly and handle
  • Stable with efficient low end grunt
  • Strong and lightweight single strut design 

Wind range is indicative only based on an average rider weight of 80kg. Actual range will vary based on rider skill level and type of skis/board/foil used.

UPDATE for 5m and 6m wings....

The WASP 5m and 6m have been specially designed for light winds and/or heavier riders. The large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The rigidity of the high volume Leading Edge and Strut make it very efficient in light winds to pump the wing to generate speed.

Our design team have been enjoying light wind conditions during testing of the final 5m and 6m prototypes. Foiling in 5-10 knots with a large front wing is the perfect way to cruise while learning tacks and gybes, a steady breeze and calm water conditions make for a fast learning curve. Bring on sub 10 knot Wing Foiling!

We have gained a lot more experience and knowledge while testing various combinations of WASP wing size and Hydro Foil size on the water. We feel that the 5m or 6m would in most cases be the size of choice for riders 90kg and above who will use their WASP in winds of 10-20 knots with Hydro Foils. We have updated the WASP wind ranges in our marketing to reflect this.

The 5m is big enough for most riders looking for their large size WASP wing. It is easy enough to handle and has great low end grunt. If you are less than 90kg and looking for a fun light wind wing the 5m would be the size to consider.

The 6m is more wing to handle, due to its dimensions the wing tips are closer to the surface and will require extra attention to not catch water or rub it on the ground. It has amazing low end abilities to get you going in the lightest breeze, however if you are 90kg or above and mainly ride in 15 knot+ winds the 5m could be the better option.

Of course this is all highly dependent on rider skills and the hydro foil set up.

On Water Wind Ranges



On Land Wind Ranges 


2019 Starboard Hyper Foil Wing Board

A favorite for new wingers and an excellent One-Board-Quiver for a big range of winds.  One of our light-wind favorites, the Hyper Foil board's staight rails, boxy shape, and tail volume builds excellent board speed for low wind liftoff while maintaining easy ride-ability for new riders. The recessed channels give the board some direction while reducing liftoff suction and smoothing landings. The Multi-box foil mounting allows a massive range of foils and allows for some such as Gofoil and Starboard foils to change mast lengths by 3" based on which box you use.  As always, the Starboard construction is second to none and are light years ahead of other brands in their material science and sustainability.

7’2” X 27.5”- 125L

Length: 7’2” / 218 cm.

Width: 27.5” / 70 cm.

Deep Tuttle and track foil mounts

The 7’2” gives extra glide and speed from the longer length and narrower width. The extra length makes it easier to paddle into waves with speed which

helps to get up foiling quickly. It is also faster to paddle back out to catch more waves. The narrower width reduces the rail from catching or slowing down during manoeuvres.

Available technologies:

Blue Carbon

6’4” X 25”- 92L

Length: 6’4” / 193 cm.

Width: 25” / 64 cm.

Deep Tuttle and track foil mounts

Being the shortest in the range, the 6’4” is suited for higher skilled and lighter riders. The short length makes it easier to trim the board from the centre without needing to

make big movements, giving more central control to adjust the foil and trim. Narrowest width makes it possible to do more radical turns without the rails hitting the water which would slow you down.

Available technologies:

Blue Carbon


GoFoil Foil Set


Compare Go Foil wings

  •  Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
    Surfboard – small waves Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200
    Surfboard – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    SUP – small waves Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
    SUP – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    Downwind on surfboard Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200
    Downwind on SUP Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200/Maliko 280
    Kiteboarding Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    Wakeboarding Nalu/Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
    Windsurfing Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200

    Compare Go Foil masts

     Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
    Surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    SUP 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Wakeboarding 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on SUP 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Kiteboarding 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Windsurfing 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
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