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Slingshot Intro 2 Wake Foil Package

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  • Slingshot Intro 2 Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot Intro 2 Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot Intro 2 Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot Intro 2 Wake Foil Package
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Learn 2 Foil Wake Package

What's Included:

  • 2022 Slingshot WF-T Foil Board
  • Slingshot Foil Package

The Hover Glide WF-T V1 foil package is the absolutely perfect combination for learning to fly. Equipped with a smaller front wing, shorter mast length, and added front-foot half strap, this is the safest and most efficient way to earn your wings behind a boat.

Lower buoyancy levels of the WF-T V1 make deep water starts a breeze, and the board shape is extremely forgiving when repeatedly lifting off and touching back down during the learning process.

Choosing your foil:slingshot-hover-glide-foils-1-.jpg

Gamma 68 - Fast, fluid and easy to carve hard on the second wake. This is a fast paced, high energy ride for anyone seeking to shred behind a surf boat.
(61cm mast) 

Infinity 76 - An all-around stable wing with early lift to make the learning process easy, but will also allow the rider to explore pumping and carving. 
(71cm mast)

Infinity 84 - For riders <170lbs who would otherwise be interested in the 99, or riders above 200lbs seeking the all-around ride of the 76
(71cm mast)

Infinity 99 - Great low speed lift, easy to to up, and surprisingly easy to carve for its size. This is a forgiving foil for beginners seeking to fly. 
(71cm mast)

Quantum 100 - Best for riding second wake and further back, and pumping
(71cm mast)


Foilboard Options:

2022 Slingshot WF-T V1 Foilboard

Includes: WF-T V1 w/ inserts for footstraps, Half Strap

Size: 4'5" x 17" x 0.8" (9.8L)


The WF-T V1 is our all-new entry-level foil board for those looking to take flight for the first time. The WF-T V1 is compression molded, which increases the overall durability and decreases buoyancy so riders don’t have to fight against the float of the board when starting out. The 4’5” length of the WF-T V1 combines with the perfect amount of nose rocker to allow the board to takeoff and touchdown repeatedly without nosediving—so beginners can master their body position and find a constant hover without falling and having to start over. The construction style and strength of the WF-T V1 also make it a great option for foilers looking to jump and do wake-style tricks.


You’ll love the WF-T V1 because it’s durable, user friendly and allows you to learn and progress quickly.

2022 Slingshot WF-T Foilboard


1. Inline Footstrap Inserts

Simple inline inserts allow for the addition of half straps or full footstraps based on rider preference.

2. Corduroy EVA

Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).

3. Compression-Molded Construction

Much like a traditional foam wakeboard, this construction style is stronger and less buoyant than surf-style constructions.

4. Nose Rocker

When learning to foil you will experience quick rises—and even quicker crashes. The nose rocker on the WF-T V1 will help absorb that impact and direct you back onto foil.

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1 Review

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    Love my foil

    Posted by Tristan Mcgill on 9th Oct 2023

    Most fun I’ve had behind my boat, a true water sport game changer! Definitely a great beginner/intermediate setup!

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