The Path to Kiteboarding for Skateboarders

Question: Hey MACkite,
I am a 13 year old skateboarder and want to learn to kite board – what should I ask my parents to get me for Christmas?

Snow kiting with a trainer power kite Answer: Hey Billy,

Awesome to see the young guns wanting to ride and get into kitesurfing.

Grab a 3 meter kiteboarding trainer kite and practice your kite skills. Once you can fly pretty well (takes about 4-8 hours) then you can grab your long board, skateboard, or your snowboard and do some riding. Learning to power kite or snow kite is super easy if you have a good open space.

Once you are dialed from snowkiting this winter, give us a shout or find your local beach and find an instructor to get you going on big kites.

The HQ Rush 300 trainer kite is a really good way to get into kiteboarding for just a little money and will get you going on snow and pavement. By next spring you will probably be pushing 140lbs and need to see how big a kite you will need for kitesurfing in the water.

Here are the land kites.


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