SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing

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  • SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing
  • SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing
  • SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing
  • SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing
  • SabFoil Medusa Balz Pro 909 Front Wing


It is a Medusa PRO... but most importantly, it is Balz Müller's signature model for Sabfoil.

Designed specifically for superior acceleration and high top speeds, this front wing features incredible pop, and thanks to the super strong T8 connection, it is the ideal choice for Power Freestyle sessions and the execution of advanced aerial maneuvers.

In this Balz Pro version, the surface area has been increased to allow takeoff at lower speeds, and the dihedral angle was diminished to improve maneuverability and rebound performance after landing for easier consecutive aerial maneuvers. The fact that the dihedral angle has not been brought to zero and the presence of the twist at the tips still ensure an excellent degree of stability during acceleration, fast freeriding, and while surfing.

Balz's words:

"I love my new 909 for its ease of riding and fun in a variety of conditions. I am thrilled to hear and see that my demanding wish list in the development process has been met, and I can trust my new ProModel for its reliable performance and solid durability. My new Promodel feels like an extension of my legs, which is critical to constantly progressing and expanding my comfort zone."


  • Surface: 1000 cm2
  • AR: 8,26
  • Wingspan: 909 mm

  • Disciplines: Wind - Wing - Surf
  • Recommended for: Wave - Freestyle - Freeride - Freestyle Pro - Fast Freeride
  • Wing-Fuselage Connection: T8
  • Range: Medusa
  • Take Off Speed: 10 - 12 kn
  • Top End Speed (average 80kg user): 25 - 27 kn
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Additional Information

1000 cm2 / 909mm
Full Carbon
Riding Style:
Wind - Wing - Surf
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