Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2

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  • Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2
  • Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2
  • Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2
  • Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2


Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2

Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL

  • Small - 75-80cm / 29.5-31.5"
  • Medium - 79-85cm / 31.1-33.5"
  • Large - 84-90cm  /33.1-35.4"
  • Xtra Large - 89-96cm / 35.0-37.8"


The Connect Wing Harness V2 is designed to provide a comfortable and versatile experience for riders participating in wing foiling. Its lightweight design, adjustable wing hook, and compatibility with wing leash lines and Quick Release make it a valuable piece of equipment for enthusiasts looking to maximize their experience on the water.


Comfort and Rideability - The harness is designed to enhance comfort and rideability for water sports enthusiasts. It allows riders to enjoy longer sessions without tiring out their arms, making the experience more pleasurable.

Freedom of Movement - The slim and lightweight design of the harness ensures that riders have a wide range of movement, particularly when unhooked. This freedom of movement is crucial for performing tricks and maneuvers.

Sliding Wing Hook - The harness features a sliding wing hook that adds versatility to the equipment. Riders can easily adjust the position of the hook, either sliding it to the side to get it out of the way or tucking it behind the webbing for a flat profile. This feature provides adaptability to various riding styles and preferences.

Wing Leash Compatibility - The Connect Wing Harness V2 is designed to work seamlessly with wing leash lines. Users can connect their leash lines directly to the harness using multiple leash attachment points. It's also mentioned that there's an optional Quick Release available, eliminating the need for additional wrist or waist straps when connecting the leash line. This adds convenience and safety to the setup.

Quick Release - The Quick Release feature is highlighted as a recommended addition when connecting the leash line directly to the harness. Quick releases are crucial for emergency situations, allowing riders to detach from the wing or kite quickly if necessary.

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