NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap

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  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap
  • NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap washers


NSI Ultralight Surf / Wing Footstrap


  • Single strap
  • Two (2) Shred Teach strap control washers
  • Two (2) self-tapping board mounting screws

The longtime favorite and best-selling surf/foil strap in our shop have just gone "next level" for foilers. A longer version of the Lite Speed Strap for use on hydrofoil boards which results in improved control and safety.

The new NSI Foil and Wing Footstrap offers increased control by allowing you to adjust your foot slightly noseward/tailward while riding in the strap so you can adapt to a wider range of speeds and stances while staying in your strap. This gives you ideal balance over the foil and increased comfort in every situation. Covering the entire strap hole pattern on most boards, the long strap erases questions about strap placement as well.

Additionally, the longer strap improves safety when used properly allowing a twisting foot pullout rather than locking in at an angle. This strap is meant to fit over your instep, not the ankle so be sure to adjust the strap height to suit your foot size and shape.

Tucker's Review

"After a few months of developing these straps with NSI, I can honestly say they are my favorite foiling straps of all time. Super light, comfortable, and the long design is the key for an adaptable stance for varying riding speeds and styles without going to the beach to adjust.  They are so easy to get into and out of.  I can cruise, jump, ride waves, and race buddies: all without changing gear or foil/strap placement and that means more time on the water having fun.  It has also saved my ankles this summer. I've been caught in straps loads of times and it generally results in a sore ankle at the very least. I'm happy to report I've not had one issue with that since riding these and it's maximized my sessions this year due to lack of injury/recovery."

What NSI has to say about the Lite Speed Foil & Wing Straps

NSI's long standing and tested ultra light weight footstrap features a combination of foam, fabric and a soft foam under layer which offers superior comfort and super light weight performance. 100% non-absorbent materials mean light weight wet or dry. Includes a comfortable neoprene cover which increases the cush factor, but adds negligible weight.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Non-absorbent materials
  • Slim
  • Flexible
  • Padded
  • Adjustable during install
  • Proven NSI Quality
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    NSI Footstraps

    Posted by Stan on 18th May 2022

    Def. the lightest foot strap out there. Super comfy. Only drawback is because they are so light and don’t have that stiff plastic sleeve, they can deform while winging if you don’t nail your foot insertion, but pop up if tapped. They’ve held up fine for jumping as well and a few times when I got caught in the foot strap in waves, upside down, they flexed. No ankle breaking. ;)

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