Moses 718 Front Wing

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Moses 718 Front Wing

Very similar to the 718, only modified to fit the 647 Kite Fuselage. Excellent top speed while retaining glide through under-powered situations.

What Moses says....

Ride fast through the maneuvers. 

From the freerace 639 dna, the 720 is a fast wing with a thicker profile that can guarantee an early glide and a burning acceleration. The winglets add stability as you pump towards your next maneuver or during downwind glides.

This wing requires the 647 Kite Fuselage.  Please contact us if you need help identifying your fuselage. Recommended stabilizers are 330 or 325.

Surface 740 cm2
Root chord 134 mm
Span 718 mm
Aspect ratio 6,95





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