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Liquid Force Kiteboards

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Liquid Force was founded in 1985 by Tony Finn (inventor of the Skurfer) and Jimmy Redman. Both coming from diverse backgrounds in the wakeboard industry, they combined Jimmy’s aptitude towards board design with Tony’s marketing prowess to originally form Waketech with another investor, which upon his leave, left and spearheaded a new company, Liquid Force. Hearing accounts on the beginnings of a new extreme water sport that involved a kite pulling someone on a wakeboard, the duo headed to Maui in the late nineties, their interest piqued.

Jimmy and Tony ended up not only meeting but learning from early kiteboarding pioneers and legends Lou Wainman and Elliot Leboe, and found themselves immediately hooked. Despite a lack of investment capital, the duo recognized the existing discrepancy between what wakeboards offered and kiteboards needed, and created the Liquid Force Picklefork.While looking at a Picklefork now can’t help but inspire laughter, in the early years of kiteboarding the Picklefork was a major advancement, allowing kitesurfers to transition from windsurf boards and wakeboards to a kite specific, quasi twin-tip design.

Despite this breakthrough, Liquid Force suffered some hard times financially and briefly went out of business, choked by venture capitalists who placed no credence in the kiteboarding industry. Cutting those ties, Jimmy and Tony found new investors and capital, and requested a significant amount more than they had ever in the past, hoping to give the company the working capital needed to expand. To their surprise, their audacious request was approved. This allowed them to invent and reinvent, stumbling through various iterations until they were able to deliver unique and functional products.

As Liquid Force continued to grow, so did their designs, fueled by the cross-pollination between wakeboarding and kiteboarding. Often times, an advancement in wakeboard design would lead to a breakthrough in kiteboard design, which would in turn influence their wakeboard design once again. With Jimmy the impetus behind kiteboard design, Julien Fillion soon joined Liquid Force as their principal kiteboarding kite designer. The brand has since continued to expand, delivering highly functional and user friendly kiteboarding gear at very cost efficient prices. Liquid Force Kiteboards Liquid Force kiteboards are notable for their extremely durable construction, ease of assembly, comfortable footstraps, and high performance.

Liquid Force’s wakeboarding roots are visibly apparent through their streamlined kiteboard design, evident from the moment you assemble the board to that first major trick you ride away from. Construction varies from wood core for a lively and smooth ride while maximizing weight to durability ratios to wood composite cores for unique flex patterns to compression molded for that bomb proof construction for handling abuse and delivering longevity. Add a colorful and vibrant graphic, and you know you have a Liquid Force kiteboard.

Liquid Force Edge

A durable kiteboard ideal in construction, shape, and price point for new kiteboarders.

Liquid Force Influence

The Influence is Liquid Force’s all-around kiteboard, with medium flex and rocker, intended to well work in any and all conditions.

Liquid Force Influence LFX

The LFX is Liquid Force’s premier kiteboard for advanced freestyle and wakestyle performance, offering a stiff, explosive ride.

Liquid Force Over Drive

Designed for light wind, the Over Drive combines functionality and low wind performance to produce a very lively, fun ride.

Liquid Force Element

A freestyle machine with lightweight design, upwind efficiency, and edge hold.

Liquid Force Kite Fish

The Kite Fish is the perfect kiteboard for individuals who want to have fun in small to medium waves without committing to a surf-specific board. The larger size lends itself to being a great lightwind option as well.

Some of our most frequently recommended kiteboards, Liquid Force is a dominant force in the kiteboarding industry. Whether you are selecting your first kiteboard, or looking for the perfect platform to start landing some flashy kiteboarding tricks, Liquid Force has you covered.

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