Go For It!

Kiteboarding Tips

Tip #19 - Going for IT!!

Go for it! Ok, so you have seen your buddies do it, you have read about it online, asked your questions on the forums and reviewed the videos. Now you are ready to GO FOR IT! Try to nail that new trick you have been reviewing in your mind all winter long.

1) Come to the beach prepared. Review the video one last time so the trick is fresh in your mind.

2) Choose a day where the conditions are perfect for nailing the new trick. Typically you are going to want to be powered but not overpowered, preferably on a larger, slower kite (more room for error).

3) Get on the water and start attempting the trick within the first 10 minutes of getting on the water. Do a few tacks to get settled in but start throwing down before you get too tired. Learning something new is much easier when you are still FRESH.

Just part of the learning process. 4) Ride with someone who is already comfortable doing the trick so they can watch and let you know what you are doing wrong and how you might be able to correct it.

5) Keep GOING FOR IT!! Keep practicing; it may take a few sessions but you will nail it eventually.

6) If you're not crashing, you're not trying hard enough.

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