Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package

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  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
  • Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package
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Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package

What's Included:

  • Naish GS or CU Wing Board
  • Naish Jet Foil
  • Naish S27 Aluminum Mast
  • Naish MK4 Wing
  • **Optional 2nd Wing
  • Wrist Leash

This package is an epic introduction to the sport of winging. We're taken some of our favorite gear and built a package that is not only easy to learn with, but will allow for lots of room for growth and progression. Let's get into the specifics below.

Sizing Chart for Wing Packages (winds 15 knots and up)
Easiest progression Your weight in KG +40 = Liters Ex. 95kg + 40 = 135L
Keep it for the long haul Your weight in KG +10 = Liters Ex. 95kg +10 = 105L
Beginners Weight in lbs, add a 0 = cmsq Ex. 200lbs = 2000 cmsq
Experienced foilers Weight in lbs, add a 0, subtract 300 Ex. (200lbs x 10) - 300 = 1700 cmsq
Beginners go BIG! <120lbs = 4m 120-160lbs = 5m 160-190lbs = 6m 190-210lbs = 7m >210lbs = 8m

What board size is right for you?

One question on every new winger’s mind is how many liters do I need in my wing board? Will it float me? Can I get away with a smaller size? Can I get one board to learn on that is small enough that I will never want to upgrade? The below chart provides a general framework for sizing your board based on weight and experience.

For more information, make sure to check out the two blog posts below:

Will it Float? A Beginner's Perspective on Wing Foil Board Size

What Size Wing Foil Board is Right For You?

Which foil is right for you?

The Neil Pryde HP foils offer excellent performance for winging, surf, wake, and kite foiling. The higher aspect wing redesign gives more speed range, glide, and pump-ability that beginners as well as pro level riders appreciate.  Compared to other foils in the market, the HP foils are incredibly stiff, predictable, and durable. This is especially important for new riders and wingers for ease of use and torsion resistance. Experienced riders will appreciate their speed range and intuitive nature for maximum confidence in pushing their limits.

For beginner winging packages, we suggest the following sizes…

  • 110-145lbs - HP15
  • 140-180lbs - HP17
  • 170-210lbs - HP19
  • >200lbs - HP23

Which wing size is right for you?

As a general rule, a rider under 150 pounds should start with a wing around 4 square meters. For riders over that weight, a 5 meter wing will be a better place to start. This is very much an average - if you're riding in lighter winds or want more power, you'll want to go with a larger wing. If you're a light weight rider or winging in high winds, you'll want to go with something smaller. 

If this is your second wing and you are looking for consistent, high performance across the whole wind range, it's smart to separate your wings by 1M increments for most models. That will ensure you are going to have a wing that is properly powered no matter what the wind is reading.

Perhaps you are looking to make each wing maximize its wind range, then a 2m gap works well until you get below 4m. At that point, you'll want to go to 1m gaps due to the exponential power of wind at higher speeds. Using this method, you'll have times where you are overpowered or underpowered at times depending on the range of wind and the sail you chose but it will help you maximize your range using fewer wings.

For more information check out these blogs from our Knowledge Center below:

Wing Sizing Broken Down: Which Wing Size and Model Is Right for Me?

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Wing Foiling Hand Wing

Detailed Package Overview

Wing Board Model and Specs

Naish GS or CU Wing Board


The GS is the ideal package board. It's stable, efficient, and provides ample progression well into the intermediate level and beyond. Compared to the slightly lighter-weight Ultra, the GS features a wider outline and more volume in the nose to make a wider sweet spot for your balance. This also makes it easier to ride in underpowered conditions. We also love the GS for its incredible durability and low maintenance.  
More experienced riders may prefer the Ultra Carbon construction for its reduced swing weight and surfier nose design. Beginners enjoy this model as well but we'd suggest sizing up 5-10L from the GS due to that narrower, thinner nose for an easier learning curve.



  • CNC cut EPS core
  • High density deck-to-bottom foil track system with carbon reinforcement
  • Full glass wood sandwich deck and bottom construction


  • Micro dot embossed EVA deck
  • Dual layer foot strap area support


  • Layout allows for dual strap setup (back strap straight - front strap angled for goofy or regular stance)
  • Windsurf style 3 strap setup
  • Front: parallel double strap setup

Foil Model and Specs

S27 Naish Jet HA Foil

Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer, and downwind foiling. New for this season is the 1040 and 2140, further expanding the HA range. These wings feature high aspect ratio planforms and proprietary thin section profiles — the result is maximum glide, excellent pumping, and improved top speed while still maintaining the excellent turning and control that defines the Jet range. To complement the high-end performance of these new wings the complete foils feature a new high aspect stabilizer as well that emphasizes pumping ability and glide. Designed with a thinner profile and higher aspect ratio, they support the higher speed of the HA front wings while giving excellent response to rider input.

The 1040 is fast, nimble and great for high speed foiling. Lighter riders will love the feel of this foil when wing foiling or surfing.

The 2140 pushes the envelope of flatwater pumping. This foil excels at low speeds or when wing foiling in light winds.

Wing Details and Specs

S27 Naish Wing Surfer MK4

MK4 Review

It is hard to believe that the Wing-Surfer is now entering its fourth generation! The sport that Naish launched with the original “one-size-does-all” handheld wing has since taken the world by storm. Keeping pace with the rapidly advancing sport of wingfoiling, the Naish Wing-surfer MK4 checks all the boxes in terms of performance, features, and range. It is designed to be a wing that excels at everything, from beginner to advanced, from cruising to racing, to wave riding or jumping. On the performance side, the MK4 packs the perfect balance of low end power, overall frame rigidity and upper end control. The target was balancing good “sheet-in-andgo” power in the lower wind range with speed and handling in the upper wind range. This may sound simple, but it’s not. Too much power or stiffness and a wing becomes unruly when powered up. Too little power or stiffness and the wing will be hard to get going and collapse with heavier riders. The MK4’s increased strut and leading edge diameter add stiffness to the center triangle of the inflated structure for maximum power and stability. The leading edge diameter then quickly tapers out towards the wingtips, allowing the tips to flex off just the right amount for superior control and top speed under higher loads. The draft has also increased slightly over the S26 Wing-Surfer for added “get-up-and-go.” Medium canopy tension allows the wing to “breathe” slightly and luff without being overly loose or tight… again increasing the overall range of each size. These parameters, along with leading edge dihedral that is consistent with the S26 makes for a very balanced feel and predictable power delivery in all winds and at all angles of attack.


With some awesome upgrades for the second version of the Mantis and a good price point to match, you can't steer wrong with this wing. Utilizing a windowless canopy for easier packing, traveling, and storage, the Mantis is a solid wing for all-round conditions for anyone from a novice to an experienced winger.

Rigidity is the focus of this year's improvements as well as an adjusted wingtip shape adjustment for easier water starts.

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    Beginner and loving it

    Posted by Michael on 21st Aug 2023

    I'm super happy with the kit. Super happy with the price. I'm a beginner and I oversized everything and that was a great choice. Very happy with the shipping too. Damn you guys are fast! Thank you!

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